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Each year PPG holds a large annual educational event.  For 2019 we have planned a fabulous three day event where we focus solely on Aggression and Bite Safety. 

We have also implemented some changes to our annual conference structure based on feedback we have received over the last three years.  

The presentation sessions for Portland 2019 feature the following:

  • The Neuroscience of Aggression
  • Functionally Analyzing Aggression
  • Behavior Modification Standard Operating Procedures 
  • Resource Guarding
  • Help and Insights on Managing Clients Through Aggression
  • Learn about Dog Bite Safety
  • Liability Concerns & Issues
  • Bite Facts and Fiction 
  • How to Implement and Market Effective Dog Bite Safety Programs....

Key Points To Note!

  • General Sessions  Each Day - All Day!
  • A Feline Specialty Track Daily Each PM
  • April 25th Evening - Chat, Chuckle & Learn Private Dinner Hosted by Niki Tudge with Guest Speaker Dr. Lisa Radosta
  • April 27th Gala Dinner The PPG renowned Dinner & Presentation by Dr. Ilana Reisner
  • Sessions will cover the Neuroscience of Aggression, How to Functionally Assess Aggression, Aggression Modification Protocols, Managing Clients, Resource Guarding, Dog Bite Safety Protocols and more ....

Session Details & Presenter Bios  Will Be Posted in July 2018

Registration is now open! Enjoy a 10 month payment plan - Very limited full packagers available that include your entrance fee, accommodation, meals and evening events.  Grab yours now!

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