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The Pet Professional Guild 2015 Goals


Below you will find our key Strategic objectives. There are several goals set for us  to achieve within each key objective.Only committee members are familiar with the individual projects and goals until it is time to roll them out to our membership and the pet owning public.  If you are interested in working on a committee then please complete our committee volunteer form.


2015 Key Objectives

PPG’s Key Objective Statements


Key Objective #1 Stakeholder  Products and Services



The success of PPG’s charter will be determined by the individual and collective success of our stakeholders. The PPG leadership team understands that the key objective of each of its member is their business success and their personal achievements.  PPG’s objective is the satisfaction of each stakeholder and will continue to provide products and services that further develop and support the goals and continual achievement of their stakeholders.  

1. Develop a PPG Licensed Product 



Key Objective #2


Stakeholder Industry Education and Business  Development


PPG will provide educational opportunities to PPG members and force-free stakeholders so they have the skills, tools and resources to effectively and efficiently offer force free training and pet care services to the pet owning community reducing the need in the market place for inhumane and ineffective pet care businesses, practices and philosophies.

1. Roll out a PPG Professional Level Membership 



Key Objective # 3


Community Outreach, Advocacy and Communication



The Pet Professional Guild will actively advocate positions and goals to bring about change in pet industry practices, policies and programs.  PPG will be industrious in its efforts to educate pet owners and to engage and educate pet industry professionals to further the mission, vision and values, professional ethics and charter of the PPG, collectively referred to as PPG’s Guiding Principles. 

PPG’s advocacy will serve the important purpose of opening the decision-making process to input from stakeholders, such as researchers, service providers, beneficiaries and the public itself.  The process method of our advocacy will serve to open new dialogues which will facilitate pet industry decision makers moving toward more informed practices, training methods, equipment and pet care philosophies.  

 PPG’s advocacy efforts will involve a wide assortment of stakeholders to greatly strengthen our advocacy effort.  


The Guild’s communication message will develop awareness among the public, build collaboration and acceptance and promote action in line with our guiding principles.  The Pet Professional Guild will use numerous tools to effectively communicate to all stakeholders to further the PPG’s charter.

1. Develop an Advocacy Foundation


Key Objective # 4

Marketing &  Public Relations


The PPG marketing process will connect with customers, build a strong brand and shape the PPG marketing offerings while delivering and communicating value and creating long-term growth through effective marketing strategies and plans.

PPG will be effectively marketed to build the membership, enroll more stakeholders, alliances and partners to build and broaden awareness of PPG’s charter and guiding principles. PPG will develop a marketing plan that has a set of controllable tactical marketing tools that support the growth and awareness of our services and products.   

 1. Implement local areas chapters for PPG. Develop a corporate "how to manual" to expedite the process for local members who wish to develop their own local PPG chapters. 


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