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Upcoming events

    • Thursday, September 01, 2016
    • (EDT)
    • Tuesday, January 03, 2017
    • (EST)
    • 5 sessions
    • Online Course via Webinar

    TrickMeister Journeyman

    The Comprehensive Dog Training Course.

    Presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell

    CEUs PPAB,15. IAABC,15. CCPDT, 10.

    A five session program over five months.
    Note: If you register for the program and cannot make all the live webinars you automatically receive a recording of each session in time to prepare your lesson homework.

    TrickMeister – Mastering Fun and Increasing Your Team Knowledge & Skills is a unique program aimed at increasing the knowledge and training skills of both dog guardians and pet professionals. The aim of the TrickMeister courses is to teach the science behind the training as well as all the skills needed to train a pet dog, with a big emphasis on enjoyment.  We firmly believe that all training should be fun but knowledge based.  We also believe in setting the learner up for success.  This applies both to our human learners and their canine buddies!

    Journeyman Course Overview

    TrickMeister Journeyman is the Level Two TrickMeister Course.  This course builds on all the skills and knowledge you gained in the Apprentice Course.   The Journeyman Course sees you continue your journey on the road to becoming a Master in the art and craft of force-free training and tricks!

    You will continue to learn about the science behind the training and build on your teaching skills, while having lots of fun!  You will refine your ability to communicate with your learner in order to set them up for success and as you continue to increase your knowledge and add to your skill-set, you will be amazed at the progression made by both you and your dog or other companion animal.

    The knowledge and skills you learn in TrickMeister Journeyman will set you up for all your future training.  As you practice the behaviors that you learn, your student will also acquire new skills, continue to thrive and gain confidence; your relationship will further blossom and your bond will strengthen.

    You do not need to have taken the TrickMeister Apprentice Course, to enroll in the TrickMeister Journeyman Course, however, it is advisable to check the learning objectives and assessment criteria from the Apprentice Level to ensure that you have the foundation knowledge for this course.

    Your training partner can be any dog (or other companion animal) of any age and skill-set.

    Program Inclusion

    • Five live webinar e-learning sessions per level.  Each webinar includes a question and answer session.  The recorded webinar links will be sent to all applicants to watch at their own pace (after live broadcast)
    • PDF of all webinars sent to all applicants
    • Additional Learning:  Additional reading material and supplementary videos will be made available to all applicants via email.
    • Homework tasks: 
    • Open book/multiple choice exams. 
    • Homework video submission assessment. 
    • Video Submission Assessment
    • TrickMeister Course Facebook group

    The Webinar Dates

    1. Thu, Sep 1, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST
    2. Sat, Oct 1, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST
    3. Tue, Nov 1, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST
    4. Thu, Dec 1, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
    5. Tue, Jan 3, 2017 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

    Checkout the course content here

    Watch this short webinar on the TrickMeister Program & Titles

    Are you ready to learn the art, craft and science of teaching and training?

    Three Levels - Multiple Titles

     Apprentice  Journeyman  Master


    Sponsored by DogNostics eLearning

    About The Program Instructor

    Louise Stapleton-Frappell

    Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A.Hons. Professional Canine Trainer - Accredited (through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board).  Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Fun Scent Games Instructor.  Clicker Competency Assessment Program Level 3 Distinction. Force-Free Instructor's Award and K9 First Aid Certification. Super Trainer Clicker Trainer. Animal Behavior and Welfare. Dog Emotion and Cognition.  Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor and Assessor.
    Louise is a passionate advocate of Force-Free Training.  She believes that everyone should know how to teach their dog using science based, rewards based, force-free training methods.
    Louise is both a Steering Committee Member and the Membership Manager of The Professional Guild British Isles; Steering Committee Member and Education Committee Member of The Pet Professional Guild.  Steering Committee Member of Doggone Safe and Regional Coordinator of Doggone Safe in Spain; Co-Presenter of PPG World Services Radio and Faculty Member of DogNostics Career College.

    • Wednesday, November 02, 2016
    • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Live Webinar

    Setting Clients Up for Success

    Presented by Alexandra Santos

    CEUs: PPAB 1, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending)

    As professional dog trainers we are always aiming for a high level of expertise. Our working days consist of keeping up to date with the latest and most dog-friendly training equipment and learning how to run a successful business. Often in the midst of being busy we forget the most important part of the equation - our client!

    Unless we do the hand on dog training ourselves then we are training dogs via their owners, our client. Clients aren't dog trainers and they don't have the ambition to become dog trainers, and yet have the responsibility to train their dogs in between classes! So, shouldn't we also focus on setting them up for success?

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand motivation and how clients can lose it 

    • Become aware of difficulties clients experience during and in between classes (poor coordination, being unclear with cues, feeling overwhelmed, lacking support, etc.)

    • Acquire some skills for setting clients up for success - how to empower the client; how to help them overcome coordination issues; how to ensure they retain the information given during class; and more.

    About The Presenter

    Alexandra Santos is a professional canine behavior consultant and trainer, with formal education through The Animal Care College in the U.K. where she graduated with honors for the Diploma of Advanced Canine Psychology, and through The Companion Animal Sciences Institute where she graduated with distinction for the Diploma of Advanced Dog Training.

    She is the author of the books “Puppy Problems” and “Puppy and Dog Care” and has also authored and co-authored several articles for the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and for the International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior. Alexandra lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal, has been a lecturer at several seminars on positive reinforcement-based training, regularly presents webinars for the Pet Professional Guild, is a professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias and provides individual coaching for dogs and their people.

    • Saturday, November 05, 2016
    • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
    • Live Webinar

    Animal Emotions - Your Guide to a Happier Pet and Better Relationship

    Presented by Karolina Westlund

    CEUs: PPAB, 1 CCPDT, (Pending) IAABC, (Pending)

    This short introduction to Animal Emotions shows animal professionals and pet owners how to get happier animals and develop a better relationship with animals in their care.

    The webinar addresses why it’s important to understand emotions in order to better predict responses, prevent undesirable behaviour, problem solve more efficiently and prioritize more effectively.

    It introduces the 7 core emotions in animals: CARE, GRIEF, PLAY, LUST, SEEKING, FEAR, and RAGE - explains their main mechanisms and how these relate to animal welfare, husbandry and training.

    Learning Objectives

    By understanding emotions, you can better:

    • predict responses,
    • prevent undesirable behaviour
    • problem solve more efficiently
    • prioritize more effectively

    which in turn leads to:

    • happier animals
    • a better relationship with animals in your care

    About The Presenter

    Karolina Westlund has a phD in ethology and teaches behaviour management from a welfare perspective.

    Applied ethology, Applied Behaviour Analysis, and Affective Neuroscience are some of the scientific fields she mixes when lecturing on animal training, behavioural problem solving and husbandry.

    She is a seasoned lecturer and blogger who also provides online courses on the same topics.

    • Tuesday, November 22, 2016
    • (EST)
    • Tuesday, November 29, 2016
    • (EST)
    • 2 sessions
    • Recorded Member Webinar

    Find What Smells Like Me?

    Become a Certified 

    “Fun Scent Games” Instructor Level 2

    CEU's: PPAB, 5 IAABC, (Pending) CCPDT, (Pending) NADOI, (Pending)

    Presented by Angelica Steinker

    Earn Your DN-FSG2

    Two 1.5 Hour Live Sessions

    Two 1.5 Hour Sessions on November 22nd & 29th . If you register for the live session you will automatically receive the recordings from both sessions. 

    Welcome to Fun Scent Games Level 2 which makes use of the amazing natural scenting ability of dogs. Level 2 of Fun Scent Games focuses on teaching dogs to find what smells like their owner.  Offering "Fun Scent Games Level 2" group classes will broaden your service offerings, help build client loyalty and support the needs of your pet owning community. Group classes  help dogs have fun, build confidence and burn lots of mental and physical energy. Learn all about canine olfaction and scent games, the what, how and why of operating a successful group class curriculum supported by your DogNostics faculty members. 

    This is Certification Level 2 of a three tiered program. Level 2 will be a prerequisite for Level 3. You do not need to enroll in more advanced levels. Upon completion of this program you will be certified to teach "Fun Scent Games Level 2"

    The Certification Program Includes

    1. A three-hour recorded educational webinar presented in two parts that covers;

    • Canine Olfaction history and scientific facts
    • The training environment, philosophy and methodology
    • Effects of air current
    • Avoiding cross contamination
    • Detection thresholds
    • Scent discrimination
    • How to teach fetch to dogs and clients
    • How to teach optional fronts and finishes to give your client's behavior chain some extra flash!
    • How to teach dogs to find the target odor out of 12 items
    • Problem solving for various challenges that can be encountered
    • How to play, building criteria and areas of reinforcement
    • How to set scent discrimination training up for success
    • How to create a confident learner
    • Recommended course curriculum and course description

    2. Successful completion of an open-book on-line test

    3. The submission of a short video to demonstrate the result of you teaching a dog to find "what smells like you" out of a set of 12 articles 

    Upon successful completion you will receive

    • A DogNostics Instructor Certificate DN-FSG2
    • A Certification Badge to display on your website
    • A listing on the DogNostics Fun Scent Game Instructor Registry
    • A PDF copy of the Course Curriculum
    • A student Certificate for you to co-brand to provide to your “Fun Scent Games” students
    • Advertising copy describing the program for your website
    • Artwork for a promotional 8.5 x 11 flyer
    • Access to the DogNostics Certified Instructor Member website mentoring area.
    • Mentoring Support through the DogNostics Faculty Members

    About Your Presenter 

    Angelica Steinker, CAP2, CDBC, PDBC. 

    For more than 16 years full time, Angelica Steinker, president and founder of Courteous Canine, Inc. DogSmith of Tampa. Angelica is a published author in the field of dog training and agility. Her books, Agility Success: Training and Competing with Your Dog in the Winning Zone and Click and Play Agility.  Her newest book is on dog aggression, which is something she is particularly passionate about.

    All of Angelica work emphasizes the importance of playing and bonding in order to train to the highest level. She is on the steering committee of the Pet Professionals Guild and a founding member. She is the Director of Training for The DogSmith and the cofounder of DogNostics Career College a pet care, dog training and dog behavior trade school.

    Angelica has been published in the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Chronicle of the Dog Newsletter, Dog & Handler, Animal Trainer Magazine, Dog Sport Magazine, Dalmatian Quarterly, and Clean Run, the dog agility magazine.  She is a regular columnist in PPG's BARKS from the Guild.

    Angelica is also accredited as a Canine Behavior Consultant through the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, and certified through Applied Animal Behavior Professionals and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

    Angelica is a sought-after public speaker who has presented at conferences Internationally including in Great Britain. She has also presented at the famous Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont, the U.S. Pet Professional Guild's Summit, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference, BARK Agility Camp, and Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo. Angelica is a former AKC agility judge and a current North American Diving Dogs judge.

    Angelica has a Master’s degree in Education, which has served as the foundation for her continued certifications in dog behavior and her extensive understanding of emotional learning, operant and respondent conditioning, the science of how animals and people learn.

    • Sunday, November 27, 2016
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    Understand How Technology Can Improve Your Core Training Mechanics 

    Presented by Yvette Van Veen

    CEUs: PPAB, 1 CCPDT, (Pending) IAABC, (Pending)

    Clearly technology can make our lives easier. It can also help us to train better - to reflect on our training mechanics to achieve better results. The effective use of technology can also help us to reflect on our training sessions and assist us in spotting harmful patterns that can slow down our progress.

    Technology can also help clients to reflect on their training habits and to set goals in terms of their training sessions. It allows them to create clear and measured goals. The biggest asset of the cell phone in one's pocket is that it offers an unbiased and numerical reflection of what did actually happen and not what we thought we did. Best of all, it's free.

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn how to use technology to improve your overall training effectiveness.
    • Understanding how your core mechanics of training can be improved by allowing technology to monitor and take over the record keeping role.
    • See the importance of using technology so your clients can see and better reflect on their growth as their dog's teachers.

    About The Presenter

    Yvette Van Veen is Canada's first certified PCT-A though the Pet Professional Guild. She has been working with dogs for over 20 years, 15 of them as owner of Awesome Dogs in London, Ontario. Her passion is working with companion animals in pet homes, helping dogs to better fit in with life with people - and helping people to achieve a more peaceful and fun life with their pets. She shares her home with Kipper the ex-crotch ripper, Karma the BC, and Icarus - the cat that comes to dog class.

    • Monday, November 28, 2016
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    Go Full Time: Making Your Night Job Your Day Job

    Presented by Veronica Boutelle

    CEUs: PPAB,1.5 CCPDT, (pending) IAABC, (pending)

    Training nights and weekends while working your “real job” Monday through Friday? A large percentage of highly skilled trainers continue to work part- or full-time jobs while training nights and weekends, contributing to trainer burnout and limiting the number of dogs’ and owners’ lives they can impact. It’s a pervasive belief in the our industry that trainers “can’t make real money” training full time. Fortunately this is simply not true; it really is possible to make a living doing what you love.

    In this web seminar Veronica Boutelle of dog*tec will show you how to make your part-time or hobby business your full-time career. Learn how to assess the feasibility of going full time, grow your business into a reliable source of income, and create and implement a personalized transition plan for your move to full-time professional dog trainer.

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn how to assess the feasibility of their business fully supporting them, and ways to organize their services to increase revenue potential
    • Learn how to create and implement a transition plan to move from part to full time dog training
    • Learn basic marketing principles to support their transition and the continued growth of their business

    About The Presenter

    Veronica is the founder of dog*tec, the dog pro industry’s leading business consultancy, through which she has been helping dog trainers help dogs since 2003. She is the author of How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is and the co-author of Minding Your Dog Business: A Practical Guide to Business Success for Dog Professionals, and writes on business topics for many dog training industry journals. Veronica is a sought-after speaker at conferences and dog training schools across the country and internationally. She has recently spoken to positive reinforcement trainers at conferences and seminars in countries as diverse as Chile, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, and the UK.

    As former Director of Behavior & Training at the San Francisco SPCA, and as a dog training business owner before that, Veronica understands what it means to be a dog trainer first hand—the daily worries about everything from client compliance to financial security, the unique challenges of a “flexible” schedule that requires evenings and weekends, and the struggle to balance clients and training with the minutiae of running a business—and to balance all of that with a rich non-work life. Her background as a trainer, her business expertise, and her work as an educator put Veronica in a unique position to help professional dog trainers learn to become as skilled in business as they are as trainers—and that means more dogs’ lives touched by positive training.

    • Friday, December 02, 2016
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    The Human Factor in Pet Behavior.

    Presented by Karen Wild CCAB

    CEUs PPAB 1. CCPDT 1. IAABC 1.

    Do you find yourself getting frustrated with owners not following advice? Can you see the answer for a pet, but the owner won't change their behaviour? Why might they listen to the neighbour next door, or follow internet advice, rather than your professional help? We join our profession to help animals, but as pets, they belong to people. How do we approach the issue of ownership, human behaviour towards their pets and significantly, how does this affect the animals themselves? This session aims to help practitioners understand and influence owner behaviour to improve their pet's welfare. If the owners don't change their behaviour, nothing changes for the pet. Here's a way to work with this people problem.

    Webinar Objectives

    • Compliance, Conformity or Co-dependency?
    • Anthropomorphism and the impact on pets 
    • Practitioner approaches to owner behaviour
    • 'It takes a community to raise a dog'

    About The Presenter

    Karen Wild, Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist and dog trainer, runs a full time behaviour practice ‘Pawprint’ near Peterborough, UK working with family pets on behaviour referral from vets. Karen is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), Associate Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and a Special Council Member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

    She is author of three books; ‘What your Dog Wants’, '21 Days to the perfect Dog', and 'Being a Dog' (Hamlyn) and writes monthly training features for Dogs Today magazine. Karen is a strong advocate of positive reinforcement-based training methods for both pets and their people.

    • Thursday, January 12, 2017
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    The Effective Use of Toys as Rewards.

    Presented by Kamal Fernandez

    CEUs PPAB,1. IAABC, 1.

    The use of toys as reinforcement within training has become a lost art, however one that can be both effective and appropriate for the dog. Being able to effectively reinforce your dog, allows you to create behaviour in a timely manner. Understanding the importance of creating skills with toys prior to using them as reinforcement will ensure that problems encountered within training don't arise, create a solid foundation to build on. Effective use of toys as rewards, creates and consolidates relationships, develops focus and arousal for work/training.

    Learning Objectives

    • 5 Key games to develop with toys 
    • Where and how they can be utilized
    • Demonstrations of each skill
    • Balancing control vs drive
    • Arousal and its affect on behavior
    • Understanding ‘drives’
    • Handler mechanics
    • Benefits of effective toys as reinforcement
    • Trouble shooting

    About The Presenter

    Head trainer and owner of East London Dog Training, Kamal Fernandez has over 20 years' experience training dogs from all walks of life. He started training in 1991 after adopting Scrunch, an independent free-willed chow-chow mix who prompted a trip to Newham Dog Training Club at Eastlea School in London, England. Thus began an epic journey into the world of dog training which started with a dog that would not come back when called, to competing in the Obedience Championship at renowned UK dog show, Crufts. 

    Fernandez has immersed himself in the world of animal training, led by some of the 'leading lights' in the field such as Sylvia Bishop, Susan Garrett, Bob Bailey, Ian Dunbar and Karen Pryor. Now an internationally renowned seminar instructor, Fernandez has been invited to teach all over the world in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
    Kamal is a Special Council Member of The Pet Professional Guild British Isles.

    A Few Highlights of Kamal's Career

    Guest speaker at the Victoria Stilwell national bite conference 2016
    Trainer on sky TV production 'Dogs Might Fly'
    TV appearances on BBC 1, 2, Channel 4 and 5.
    Faculty member of the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy
    Owner/Trainer of the following:

    • Ob Ch suenijon Touch of Magic CDx UDx (Border Collie)
    • Currahee Touch of magic Ch C (Border collie)
    • Jotunheim Excalibar Ch C (Malinois)
    • Vombrittania Anza Ch C, World Cup Team member Crufts 2015 (Malinois)
    Some of his students' accomplishments:

    Val Venables ob Ch iatka Tip for the Top
    Sue bishop Nedlo what's it all about Crufts 2017 Obedience Championship qualifier
    Jane Webb Wt Ch Flyntastic Winventure Crufts Obedience Championship competitor
    Katy Girdler Just Jenna Flat Coat Retriever Cross Crufts Obedience Championship Competitor
    Teresa Wright WUSV World IPO Championship Team GB Member
    Mari Yvlinkka Giant Schanuzer IPO World Championship GB Team Competitor
    Patricia Murphy Saredon as time goes by Mini Schauzner Crufts 2016 Inter-regional Team member, and winner

    • Friday, January 13, 2017
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    From Frantic Fran to Wholehearted Holly: Ban Burnout with a Practice of Self Care

    Presented by Yolanda Harper LCSW

    CEUs: PPAB, 1.5 CCPDT, (Pending) IAABC, (Pending)

    You used to LOVE going to work, but now, there’s a knot at the pit of your stomach as you go to bed and dread what’s to come the next day. You don’t sleep well because your night is consumed with thoughts about what might go wrong, and your irritable with your family. During your workday, the hours drag by, and you can feel the energy draining from your body. You can’t image doing this job another month, much less for years to come, and you daydream about your next vacation.

    What happened to your passion and drive? The good news is that it’s still there! This webinar is full of science, research, and – best of all – practical tips on how to get your groove back. The world needs for you to show up, do the work that you do, and help others in the way that only you can. Start now by taking some time to take care of yourself!

    Learning Objectives

    • Identify the roles of helping professionals and the definitions of burnout, stress, and compassion fatigue.
    • Identify Core Values, people and behaviors in support of these Core Values, and how these Core Values show up in Helping Professions.
    • Identify the difference between Numbing and Comforting Self Care.
    • Understand how burn out and self-care affect the brain and nervous system and have a plan for behaviors that are supportive of a healthy brain.
    • Identify personal and professional boundaries towards others and self.
    • Learn the research regarding self-compassion and the steps towards cultivating a self compassion practice.

    About The Presenter

    Yolanda Harper is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She specializes in guiding others to Hope, Growth, and Healing as a Master Accelerated Resolution Therapist, a Daring Way™ facilitator, and as a neurofeedback provider. Yolanda is passionate about having community conversations about authenticity, wholeheartedness, boundaries, self-care, and the things that keep us from us showing up, being seen, and living brave in our lives.

    Toby is a Goldendoodle and is Yolanda's co-therapist. He loves long walks, squeaky toys, playing with turtles on the office grounds, and cuddling with clients. Find out more about Yolanda and Toby at, or on social media at

    • Thursday, January 19, 2017
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar


    Contract Management

    presented by Niki Tudge

    CEUs: PPAB 1, CCPDT (Pending), IAABC (Pending) 

    It is easy to overlook the importance of contract management because it seems to be a boring, mundane topic.  Contracts, however,  are the basis of most business relationships. If contracts are managed well, business relationship will flourish. If they are  not, companies face financial loss, relationship harm, and damaged reputations.

    With this “Contract Management” webinar you will discover the specifics of how contract management works and how to effectively understand and use business contract for your benefit.

    Learning Objectives

    • Identify contract elements
    • Understand ethical contract management
    • Calculate value
    • Negotiate contracts
    • Create basic amendments

    About the Presenter

    Before following her passion for animals into her own pet business, Niki Tudge enjoyed a distinguished career in the hospitality industry holding executive positions all over the world. This extensive experience managing luxury hotels serviced by hundreds of employees and management personnel provided her with incredibly broad knowledge in every facet of business. Her formal education and over 20 years of practical management, leadership and employee development experience allows her a uniquely effective perspective on the right way to manage a successful business. Her professional credentials include: AABP - professional dog trainer, AABP - professional dog behavior consultant, Pet Professional Accreditation Board – professional canine behavior consultant – accredited, and she has earned diplomas in animal behavior technology and canine behavior science and technology. Along with her business degrees from Oxford Brookes University, UK Tudge is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, an HCITB TS1, TS2 andTS3 certified people trainer and a certified facilitator and project manager. As the founder and president of the Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics eLearning and The DogSmith, Tudge has substantial leadership experience in the pet industry. She has also recently become president of Doggone Safe, a non-profit educational organization. Tudge has published numerous articles on dog training and behavior and her pet dog training businesses have been featured in many.
    • Friday, February 03, 2017
    • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar

    Errorless Learning:

     Setting Up For Success

    Presented by Kate Mallatratt

    CEUs PPAB,1.5. IAABC,1.5 and CCPDT,1.5.

    This presentation will consider the benefits of teaching your dog using the principles of errorless learning.  By setting up the classroom environment to limit our dogs' choices, we can explain more easily what we are asking of them rather than letting them guess.  This reduces learner frustration, increases the success rate and leaves your dog begging for more!

    The first part of the presentation considers the difference between errorless learning and trial and error learning.  It then looks at how to apply the principles to clicker training when free shaping and teaching more complex behaviors.  Finally, some applications for behavior modification are considered and a puppy errorless learning case study is discussed.

    Webinar Objectives

    • To understand the difference between errorless learning and constructivism (trial and error learning). 
    • To appreciate the benefits of errorless learning, the fallout of trial and error learning and the negative impact of frustration on behavior. 
    • To understand how to apply the principles of errorless learning to communicate with your dog more effectively
    • To be able to plan and set up the learning environment for minimal errors when clicker training and free shaping. 
    • To consider the applications of errorless learning for behavior modification.

    About The Presenter

    Kate Mallatratt is a member of International Canine Behaviourists and The Pet Professional Guild British Isles. She is degree-level qualified in Canine Behaviour Management, and runs her behavior and training business, Contemplating Canines, in East Devon, UK. Kate is a highly experienced trainer and assessor, specializing in errorless learning, a concept she incorporates into problem prevention and enriching the family dog's home environment.

    Kate has owned and trained dogs for over 20 years, and is passionate about optimal canine nutrition, having fed a raw diet for many years. She takes an holistic approach to her own dogs' care, using homeopathy and chiropractic to maintain their health and wellbeing.

    • Monday, February 20, 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM (EST)
    • Live Webinar


    Step Off the Treadmill: 
    Time Management for Dog Trainers

    presented by Gina Phairas

    CEUs: PPAB 1.25, CCPDT (Pending), IAABC (Pending) 

    It’s rare these days to meet anyone who doesn’t say they’re busy, or behind, or that they wish there were more hours in the day. In fact, most small business owners feel perpetually behind and, unfortunately, it’s often the more important tasks, such as marketing, that fall by the wayside. It’s also common to see poor time management play a role in trainer burnout, as trainers put their own needs aside to work on the business, struggling to maintain a sustainable balance between work and home.

    If you need a few more hours in your day, if you feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around, it’s time for a time management makeover. You can have two days off a week and a shorter to-do list, and still make a living—oh, and spend more time with your own dogs, too. Join Gina Phairas of dog*tec to learn simple strategies, practices, and policies to increase your productivity, step off the treadmill, and get back in control.

    Learning Objectives

    • Learn simple strategies to organize and manage time in a systematic, flexible, sustainable way
    • Learn business practices and create policies that save time while increasing revenue
    • Learn how to create and use a master calendar to increase productivity while balancing work and play

    About the Presenter

    Gina Phairas helps trainers succeed across the country as a business consultant and leading force behind dog*tec, the dog pro industry’s top business consultancy. Gina brings her marketing and communications background and degree to her work with dog professionals, as well as her extensive training resume. Gina is a former San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers instructor, teaching and working alongside Academy founder Jean Donaldson to arm professional dog trainers with a comprehensive knowledge of positive reinforcement training techniques, and the mechanical and thinking skills needed to use them to greatest effect. As the SF/SPCA’s Rehabilitation Coordinator she developed and oversaw staff training and behavior rehabilitation protocols to improve the adoptability of shelter dogs with behavioral issues.

    Gina’s own businesses have included Tails & Tots, a dog training business focused on the needs of expecting parents and families with dogs, and ShelterWorks, a non-profit dedicated to improved adoption rates and decreased return rates through education and consulting work around staff and volunteer retention and training, adoption protocols, and assessment, enrichment, and training of shelter dogs. A tireless advocate for positive training and in particular for positive trainers, Gina speaks regularly on business topics at conferences and seminars across the country and via web seminars, teaches at positive dog training schools, and works one-on-one with trainers on building business skills.

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