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Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Developments at PPG! Issue 26: February 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of NEWS from the Guild, published in association with BARKS from the Guild, PPG’s bi-monthly trade publication for pet professionals.

PPG Responds to Scottish Government’s Updated Policy on Shock Collars

PPG is greatly encouraged by the Scottish Government’s updated Policy on Electronic Training Collars, dated January 24, 2018, which states that under Section 38 of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, it will be officially recognized that training methods that incorporate unpleasant stimuli or physical punishment can cause an animal pain, suffering and/or distress, and that using such methods may constitute the offense of causing unnecessary suffering under that Act. According to the policy, particular methods to avoid include: physical punishment, electronic collars to administer an electric shock, anti-bark collars, and startle devices. This new move by the Scottish government falls in line with PPG’s recently launched Shock-Free Coalition (shockfree.org), a global advocacy campaign which aims to end the practice of using electric shock to train, manage, and care for pets, build a strong and broad movement committed to eliminating shock devices from the supply chain, and create transparency on the methods used for consumers seeking professional advice on pet behavior or training issues. PPG applauds the Scottish Government for taking a stand on this matter. Read PPG's full response to the Scottish Government’s policy change.

New Corporate Sponsor

4 Legs 4 Pets has signed on as PPG's newest corporate partner. The company makes comfortable and attractive cots for place training, home, travel and more. The cots can be used indoors or outdoors, are breathable, lightweight, and stackable, and shaped both rectangular and square. There are eight sizes in all and offer the largest color selection on the market, according to the manufacturer. The company is family owned and operated since 1988, with all products being made in Van Buren, Arkansas using all USA-made raw materials. By mentioning the special PPG discount code in the order notes (at checkout, under shipping zip code), new customers will receive a free set of non-skid leg grippers (retail value $4.48) and leg plugs (retail value $4.48) for every cot ordered (applies to first order only). You can also order and apply for wholesale registration online. Again, mention the special discount code in the order notes to receive a free set of non-skid leg grippers and leg plugs for every cot ordered (applies to first order only). Contact 4 Legs 4 Pets for free fabric and leg color samples.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Kanab Behavior Workshop

At its Training and Behavior Workshop, to be held at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah on April 22-26, 2018, PPG is offering a host of opportunities it to make it as easy as possible for vendors to participate and benefit from supporting PPG's educational initiatives. As such, PPG has developed several opportunities vendors can invest in from afar, leaving PPG to do all the legwork. The sponsorship document sets out the various options available, and vendors may also contact PPG to discuss their goals, or complete a short form to indicate their preferences. 

 PPG Scent Workshop

PPG is to host the Let's Coach Scent Work!, a two-day event on October 20 - 21, 2018 in Tampa, Florida hosted by Robert Hewings, head of learning and development for the UK College of Scent Detection. It will be Hewings’ first-ever appearance in the US. Working and auditor spots are available.

Cat Committee Appoints New Vice Chair

Tabitha Kucera has stepped up to be vice chair of the Cat Committee this year. Kucera is a valuable “addition to the committee,” said Cat Committee chair, Paula Garber. Kucera has been a registered veterinary technician for over seven years and she has worked with a number of local feline rescue organizations. Her work in these fields shed light on repeated occurrences of cat euthanasia and re-homing due to behavioral issues. She quickly became dedicated to learning about the root causes and permanent solutions to feline behavior concerns. Keeping cats in their loving homes is her utmost goal.

Join PPG as a Corporate Partner

If your company aligns itself with PPG's Guiding Principles, we invite you to become a Corporate Partner so you can expand your reach and grow your customer base through access to a core targeted market of pet industry business professionals. You will be in good company! Current corporate partners include dog*tec, Doggone Safe, Business Insurers of the Carolinas, Dognostics Career Center, Brilliant K9, and 4 Legs 4 Pets.

Order the Print Copy of March 2018 BARKS

You can now order the print edition of the March issue of BARKS from the Guild. You won't want to miss the Cover Story, The Dark Side of Dog Training and Pet Care, which features real cases of abuse, neglect and death of dogs in training, day care or boarding and calls for improved standards and better education industry-wide, as well as for pet owners so they are able to make informed choices that ensure their pets stay safe. Other topics include:

Events: PPG's upcoming Training and Behavior Workshop in Kanab, Utah - what to expect.

Advocacy: Keeping the momentum going once you have signed the Shock-Free Pledge.

Canine: Differences between the various wolfdog crosses.

Canine: Training law enforcement officers to help them better understand the behavior of the dogs they meet on the job.

Canine: How physical appearance affects behavioral perception between dogs and its possible impact on communication.

Training: How to train and play flyball with hearing-impaired or deaf dogs.

Pet Care: Keep dogs and staff safe at boarding and day care facilities, while ensuring the experience is enjoyable for the dogs.

Behavior: The role of individualized enrichment in behavior modification plans, featuring Pocahontas the porcupine.

Feline: A Cat's Need to Hide.

Equine: Target training and choice.

Equine: The many functions of play for horses of all age groups.

Consulting: The importance of pursuing professional credentials.

Consulting: The gig economy - using your expertise to boost your earnings.

Consulting: The importance of holding a general liability insurance policy that includes an additional endorsement to cover the dogs in their care, custody or control.

Business: The apparently lost art of disagreeing without being disagreeable PLUS our regular Ask The Experts column with dog*tec.

Comment: Why electric shock has no place in a professional’s toolbox.

- plus all the latest PPG news, members' community initiatives, advocacy, education, programs, webinars, podcasts and events, and much more...

Note: Orders close Thursday, February 22.

Read the January 2018 digital edition of BARKS.

BARKS is also on Facebook. If you would like to write for BARKS, either as a regular contributor, have a one-off article you'd like to submit, or would like to contribute to the PPG Blog, please email the editor, Susan Nilson.

Have You Signed the Shock-Free Pledge?

The key purpose of the Shock-Free Coalition is to build a strong and broad movement committed to eliminating shock devices from the supply and demand chain. This goal will be reached when shock tools and equipment are universally unavailable and not permitted for the training, management and care of pets. The Shock-Free Coalition believes that pets have an intrinsic right to be treated humanely, to have each of their individual needs met, and to live in a safe, enriched environment free from force, pain and fear. Members of the Shock-Free Coalition consider it to be their responsibility and utmost obligation to be vigilant, to educate, to remain engaged and work toward eliminating shock as a permissible tool so it is never considered a viable option in the training, management and care of pets. Sign the Shock-Free Pledge.

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High prevalence of gait abnormalities in pugs - Cecilia Rohdin, Karin Hultin Jäderlund, Ingrid Ljungvall, Kerstin Lindblad-Toh and Jens Häggström

Foraging for food. It’s neither mugging nor rude – Max Easey

Predictors of proximity to others in colony housed shelter cats (Felis silvestris catus) - Malini Suchak, Michael Piombino, and Kalina Bracco  

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Breed Labels: When Guesses Turn Into Predictions – Animal Farm Foundation

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New This Month on the PPG Blog

The Opposite of Force – Eileen Anderson

Zoophilia: A Hidden Horror for Animals – Daniel Antolec

An Open Letter to Veterinarians on Referrals to Training and Behavior Professionals: Recommended Best Practices - Pet Professional Guild

New Puppy – What Now? - Anna Bradley

Clicker Training for Cats (3/6) - Paula Garber and Francine Miller

Tracking Training – Jane Bowers

Did you cause your dog’s separation anxiety? – Julie Naismith

How to Make Medicating Your Cat Easy by Dr. Lynn Bahr

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 3 p.m. EST with guest, Sherry Woodard of Best Friends Animal Society

Topic:  What adopters are looking for at shelters, science at Best Friends and what attendees can expect at PPG’s Behavior and Training Workshop in Kanab, Utah on 22-26 April, 2018. Teri Jaymes of new PPG corporate sponsor Brilliant K9 will also be on the show. Register to listen live.

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Wednesday, February 28 -2 p.m. EST

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Deaf Dog Activities

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Resolving Feline Issues - Soiling Outside The Box

Jane Ehrlich

What are Bridging Stimuli and How Many Types Are There?

Angelica Steinker

Teaching Animals to Communicate Through Pictures

Victoria Fogel

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