The Pet Professional Guild World Service Podcasts 2017

The Podcast for April 2nd with Debbie Revell.

Debbie Revell is joining us to chat about her PPG Summit presentation:  The Emotional Roller Coaster of Dog-Dog Reactivity, with particular reference to: how to recognize fearful versus aggressive body language; trigger stacking and how it can lead to aggressive displays/incidents, and how best to respond to fearful and/or aggressive displays..

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Listen to Debbie's individual guest interview here

The Podcast for February 7th with Kamal Fernandez and Lori Nanan

Internationally renowned seminar instructor; head trainer and owner of East London Dog Training; TV star and faculty member of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, Kamal Fernandez, will be joining us to chat about his PPG webinars: ‘Living with High Drive Dogs in Domestic Situations’ and ‘The Effective Use of Toys as Rewards.’
We will also be asking Kamal about his upcoming 2 Day Workshop in Tampa, FL: ‘Foundation Skills for Dog Sports and Heel Work 101’.

Academy for Dog Trainers graduate and Canine Behavior Education Coordinator at Women's Humuna Society in Bensalem, PA, Lori Nanan CTC ABC-DT CPDT-KA, is joining us to chat about Breed Specific Legislation, her work at The Academy for Dog Trainers and her organization, Your Pit Bull and You, a non-profit organization committed to highlighting pit bulls in the most positive light, promoting humane reward-based training and organizing fundraising initiatives to help rescues and shelters.

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Kamal Fernandez
  Lori Nanan

Quick links from the show

Kamal Fernandez

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

 Your Pit Bull and You 

The Academy for Dog Trainers

The Podcast for January 8th with Pat Miller, Maria Colleen Daines and Erica Beckwith

Pat Miller was on the show today. As part of PPG’s ongoing mission to deliver quality, up-to-date education on dog bite safety and force-free training and pet care to both the general public and pet professionals, we continue our series of interviews with a number of canine behavior experts. Pat joined us to chat about breed specific legislation, why it doesn't work and the approaches she recommends for lowering the incidence of dog bites.

Maria Colleen chatted on the show about DDA Watch and their stand against BSL. Singer, song-writer and volunteer at DDA Watch, Maria devotes most of her time to helping people and dogs affected by Breed Specific Legislation in the United Kingdom. Maria is the co-writer and singer of PPG World Service's Force-Free jingle, Teach me Force Free' .  You can listen to the jingle on YouTube here.

Erica Beckwith Project Trade Ambassador of the month joined us to chat about why she became involved in Project Trade, the difference it has made to the dogs, their guardians and even her business!  Erica will be telling us why she believes it is so important to get shock and other aversive tools off the table.

Listen to the podcast on YouTube here.

Quick links from the show

Pat Miller

DDA Watch

Erica Beckwith

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