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PPG has lots of sponsorship opportunities to meet your budget and your marketing needs. Click here to review our packages or email us today to talk about a personalized package for your business. 

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Doggone Safe is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit with over 1400 members in more than 30 countries. Our goal is the education of safe human-canine interactions to prevent dog bites that can ultimately lead to serious and life altering ramifications for both people and their pets. Learn more about us. There are several ways you can get involved in  Doggone Safe and help educate your local community on  Dog Bite Safety.  Click here to look at our membership levels

Dog Bite Safety as quoted by Janis Bradley in Dogs Bite But Balloons and Slippers are more dangerous, “ the simplest, most direct way to decrease the rate of dog bites to children is almost certainly to alter the children’s behavior around dogs along with the behavior of the adults who supervise them”.  Become a Dog Bite Safety Educator - Join Doggone safe today!

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Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of insurance coverage specifically designed for pet care professionals since 1992. By working directly with the largest pet care associations and their members for almost 25 years, we have gained a unique understanding of the types of claims that occur in the industry and what is needed to be properly covered. We continue to improve our programs to offer you the broadest coverage available, at premiums that won't break the bank.
Proudly Sponsoring the Summit SWAG Bag
DogNostics  are a full service career center offering a selection of  DiplomaCertificate and Individual Career Programs,  Business certifications and service packages.  DogNostics are very different to many of the online schools and educational resources you will find on the internet for many reasons.  Visit the website to learn more Proudly Sponsoring the Summit Lanyard & Name Card
Pet TutorĀ® is a patented revolutionary smart wireless training and game system for your pet. Reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. Provide hours of fun and interactive play for a more joyful fulfilling day. Turn feeding time into a natural, energy burning chase and play activity. Silent, reliable jam proof design is the choice of top trainers!
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Headquartered near Seattle, WA, PupPod is building high-tech products for dogs that promote mental stimulation and physical activity. The company is developing software-driven dog toys to promote behavior modification and allow humans to interact with the dogs they love in new ways. PupPod brings innovation to a product category that has been stagnant for decades. PupPod is building dog toys for the Internet age.Proudly Sponsoring the Summit Welcome Drink and Fun Lei


SWAG Sponsors

Rally Freestyle Elements offers titling opportunities in musical freestyle and Rally-FrEe.

Rally-FrEe is a unique sport combining trick behaviors of Canine Musical Freestyle with the format of Rally-Obedience. It emphasizes the precise execution of fundamental freestyle and obedience skills while encouraging creative and novel behaviors on a Rally-Obedience style course.

Musical Freestyle is fast becoming a mainstream canine performance sport that showcases the creativity and training skills of a dog-and-handler team in an entertaining performance choreographed to music. Both Sports promote the use of positive-reinforcement training methods that strengthen teamwork and foster a reciprocal learning process between dog and handler.

RFE also offers educational products and training tools providing support for the positive reinforcement competitor and trainer.

Earth RatedĀ® is a lifestyle brand for dog lovers. Earth Rated is a company of pet owners who want to help other dog owners do their part. Dog waste is an environmental hazard that affects every day life and can make dogs and people sick! Earth Rated provides affordable and fun products to keep communities clean, so that all dogs (and their humans!) have safe spaces to run and play.

Summit Break Sponsor

Malena DeMartini Inc., provides an online training Separation Anxiety Certification Course to qualified trainers. This comprehensive 13 week course is designed to teach dog professionals all the necessary tools to successfully work with separation anxiety clients. They also offer training support for separation anxiety clients and ad hoc sessions for trainers needing guidance.

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