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2017 Chat Chuckle & Share Schedule

Sunday, November 5th at 12 Noon EST with Helen Phillips. 

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PPGBI Special Counsel member, Helen Phillips, owner of the 'Clicker Gundog' Training Centre. will be joining us to chat about her upcoming PPG Summit presentation and teaching gundogs using positive reinforcement.

Wednesday, January 10th at 3.00 PM EDT with Jacqueline Munera

Certified cat behavior consultant and co-instructor of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute’s diploma of feline behavior program, Jacqueline Munera is joining us to chat about upcoming workshops at the PPG Behavior and Training Workshop at Best Friends: Nitty Gritty of Husbandry Skills: Cats Take Charge and Nitty Gritty of Cat Training: Hands on! and her presentation: Working with fearful or feral cats: Give THEM the choice!

Wednesday, January 24th at 3.30 PM EDT with Emily Cassell.

Tampa, Florida-based zookeeper and professional pet trainer, Emily Cassell, who began her career with dogs in 2010, before expanding to fish, guinea pigs, cats, rabbits and other pets while operating her own training business, Phins with Fur Animal Training, will be joining us for a chat about her upcoming workshops at the PPG Behavior and Training Workshop at Best Friends: Building Trust - The Bunny Basics and Relationship Building with Bunnies and her presentation: Bunny House to House Bunny-Helping Rabbits Adjust to Their New Home

Wednesday, February 21st at 3 PM EDT with Sherry Woodard.

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Sherry Woodard, the resident animal behavior consultant at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, will be joining us to chat about her upcoming lectures at the PPG Behavior and Training Workshop at Best Friends: Science at Best Friends - What we have been looking at and what we plan to study in the future and What Adopters Are Looking For At Shelters - How to implement research from Sasha Protopopova into real life adoptions situations. We will also be finding out what sort of experience the Workshop attendees can aspect at Best Friends!

Let's Opinionate!

Opinionate - A presenter- audience Chat Chuckle & Share session.  An informal discussion on a particular topic where we encourage the audience to question, comment and offer up opinions. 

PPG Radio hosts "Opinionate" sessions where we can have positive, productive and educational audience/presenter discussions on an array of industry topics. 

Listening to and getting involved in these sessions is a great way to learn. 
We will provide an engaging and interactive learning opportunity.

Our first guest is Drayton Michaels!

Tuesday, December 12th at 2 PM EDT

Let’s Opinionate with Drayton Michaels

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We’ll be asking Drayton all about his new Dog Life show!

  We’ll then be opening the floor for our

‘Opinionate Topic’

The lack of focus on human mechanics and the over reliance on “dog body language”. 

Make sure to join in and share your opinion!

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