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The Pet Professional Guild hosts on-site workshops and you will find those scheduled here. 
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Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, March 01, 2016
    • 1:00 PM (EST)
    • Friday, July 01, 2016
    • 3:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online Course via Webinar

    TrickMeister - Your Force-Free FUN Dog Training Program

    Instructed by Louise Stapleton-Frappell


    PPAB 14, CPDT - 12.5, IAABC - 10, KPA - 10

    Level One - Apprentice. A five session program over 5 months. 

    Checkout the course content here 

    Note: If you register for the program and cannot make all the live webinars you automatically receive a recording of each session in time to prepare your lesson homework. 

    TrickMeister – Mastering Fun With Your Dog is a unique program aimed at increasing the knowledge and training skills of both dog guardians and pet professionals. The aim of the TrickMeister courses is to teach the science behind the training as well as all the skills needed to train a pet dog, with a big emphasis on enjoyment.  We firmly believe that all training should be fun but knowledge based.  We also believe in setting the learner up for success.  This applies both to our human learners and their canine buddies! Watch this short video on how the program works

    Program Inclusion

    The course price includes includes your five live webinars (or recordings), your homework assignments, your open book online tests, your homework video submissions and your student support. This fee also includes your application fee for your TrickMeister Title.

    The Webinar Dates 

    1. Tue, Mar 1, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

    2. Fri, Apr 1, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

    3. Mon, May 2, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

    4. Wed, Jun 1, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

    5. Fri, Jul 1, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT

    sponsored by DogNostics eLearning

    Checkout the course content here 

    Three Levels - Multiple Titles

     Apprentice  Journeyman  Master

    The course aims to encourage both guardians and trainers to develop new skills and increase their knowledge while having the best time possible.  You’ll never have more fun learning than when taking this exciting course!  

    Don’t let the name mislead you: The TrickMeister – Mastering Fun With Your Dog course isn’t just for dogs!  It is an absolute must for learning how to teach any companion animal!

    Are you ready to learn the art, craft and science of teaching and training?

    Apprentice Course Overview

    Level One – TrickMeister Apprentice is a foundation level course for anyone starting out in rewards based, science based, force-free training and the exciting world of tricks.  It is also suitable for those who already have some foundation (basic but much needed) knowledge and skills but feel they may be lacking in certain areas.  Your training partner can be any dog (or other companion animal) of any age and skill-set.

    The Apprentice program is not a prerequisite for the Journeyman or Master courses. Watch this short webinar on the TrickMeister Program & Titles

    About The Program Instructor

    Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A.Hons. PCT-A. CAP3. CTDI. DN-FSG

    Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A.Hons. Professional Canine Trainer - Accredited. Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Fun Scent Games Instructor.  Clicker Competency Assessment Program Level 3 Distinction. Force-Free Instructor's Award and K9 First Aid Certification. Super Trainer Clicker Trainer. Animal Behavior and Welfare. Dog Emotion and Cognition.
    Louise is a passionate advocate of Force-Free Training.  She believes that everyone should know how to teach their dog using science based, rewards based, force-free training methods.

    Louise is both a Steering Committee Member and the Membership Manager of The Professional Guild British Isles; Steering Committee Member of Doggone Safe and Regional Coordinator of Doggone Safe in Spain; Co-Presenter of PPG World Services Radio and Faculty Member of DogNostics Career College.

    • Thursday, May 19, 2016
    • 9:00 AM
    • Sunday, May 22, 2016
    • 5:30 PM
    • Wesley Chapel, FL.

     A Four Day 

    Force-Free Pet Care Technician 

    Certification Workshop


    Presented by Niki Tudge, Angelica Steinker, Rebekah King & Louise Stapleton-Frappell

    Professional Pet Care requires knowledge, skills, individual competency and a high level of responsibility and this four day workshop has been designed to do just that.

    Workshop Testimonials


    “This Pet Care Technician Workshop far exceeded my highest expectations…organized to perfection and completely comprehensive. The DogNostics teaching faculty was comprised of extremely knowledgeable, experienced veterans with exceptional standards in their chosen fields of pet care. For me the hallmark of every presentation was the precision and clarity with which each topic was covered. The wealth of material to which you are exposed is not for the faint of heart…from canine communication to successful business protocols and dress etiquette; anatomy of a dog’s ear to luring technique; and the anal gland debate to just say “tug!” The DogNostics team is there for your learning and success. From the get-go you are in a supportive environment that utilizes the query system wherein attendees at all levels and the coaches engage openly to share ideas, explore options and realize possibilities for improving themselves. It is a stellar workshop that leaves you inspired and motivated to learn more. I would repeat my attendance if I lived closer.” Carol Brown.


    This four day workshop covers all the necessary skills you will need to become a Certified Pet Care Technician (CPCT) and more …

    1. How Pets Learn This module provides students an overview of how pets live and learn and how this is important to you, the pet care provider. We cover key skills such as leash walking, crate training, safe handling skills, and how to maneuver pets without force or fear for examinations and during care services.  
    2. Canine Behavior & Social Communication - Learn the language of dogs. Understand the canine social behavior and communication system. Recognize distance increasing and distance decreasing behaviors. Recognize stress signals and learn how to develop a communication system with your charges.
    3. Canine & Feline Anatomy and Physiology – Understand dog and cat anatomy and important components of their physiology including all their sensory abilities so you can better and more effectively offer professional care services to all breeds and ages.
    4. Canine & Feline Health and Handling - Learn about canine and feline common health issues, vaccination protocols and important daily and emergency handling skills. This module also covers the basics of bathing, grooming and caring for pets.
    5. Pet First Aid and Emergency Protocols. With this module you will get so much more than your normal Pet First Aid program. This is a very detailed workshop and covers in depth the many potential emergency situations you may, through first aid, need to manage prior to a pet in your care being attended to by a veterinarian.
    6. Pet Care Tools, Equipment, Toys & Supplies - A study of pet care tools, equipment, supplies and toys that are available in today’s marketplace. Learn how to identify appropriate equipment and how to use it safely. Understand how to practically use this equipment including desensitization protocols.  
    7. Consent and Preference Testing. Anyone can talk to dogs, learn to read dog body language to effectively communicate with them. Using consent and preference testing you can create an effective nonverbal communication system which empowers dogs to say yes or no to simple questions. Using these methods you can positively engage with pets you are caring for in a fun and interactive manner. 
    8. Pet Care Policies and Protocols Learn about pet care service standards, operating protocols and procedures to support a high quality and ethical pet care business.
    9. Bonus Session. Bump Start Your Business  This module covers the key and critical skills you will need to bump start your growth.  A fast overview of how to analyze your business's immediate needs to bump start your growth. Niki Tudge



     The Certification Process

    Working registrants can achieve the “Certified Pet Care Technician” designation by successfully completing all the hands-on components of the program over the four days culminating with a final open book multiple choice test on day four.

    Auditors will be required to complete the hands-on components of the workshop and submit video evidence within 30 days of the workshop and successfully pass the open book online multiple choice test.


    Supplemental Information

    • The seminar price includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon drinks.
    • There will be an onsite Bonfire ‘Get Together’ on Saturday Evening. A small additional fee will be charged for snacks and refreshments if you choose to attend, ($20.00). Reservations can be made closer to the date.
    • If you register for a working spot please only bring one dog with you
    • All dogs attending must be dressed according to the PPG’s Guiding Principles. No shock, choke or prong collars.
    • We recommend all the dogs be in comfortable harnesses for the seminar
    • No human- or dog-reactive dogs please.
    • No noisy dogs.
    • At registration you will be asked to provide additional information regarding any dogs that you plan to attend with.
    • Please see the PPG refund policy
    • Please bring with you a mat for your dog to rest on, a Kong or other mentally stimulating toy and lots of small yummy treats.



    More Testimonials

    “Whether you are a pet care professional or are simply passionate about your own furkids, this course enlightens the learner on every aspect of caring for, and raising, healthy, happy family pets.” Emily Conde


    “PPG and DogNostics workshops are awesome. They are worth every penny. The presenters are amazing and extremely knowledgeable about their subjects. They make the learning fun and leave you wanting more. They have no problem answering any questions that you have even if it is not on the topic of the workshop as they want you to learn as much as you can in a fun environment and an easy fashion so you can use the techniques that work the best for both you and your pet. The classes are fun very informative and useful for anyone in the pet care industry as well as someone who has a pet. Their desire to teach everyone how to work with their animals in a force free and positive reinforcement way makes it easier on both the animal and the handler. Niki Tudge, Angelica, Rebekah and the rest of their staff and or presenters are amazing and I would highly recommend everyone take any and all workshops that are offered. You can definitely tell that PPG and DogNostics are there to make sure that you can learn the material and then utilize it in real life situations and that they really care how animals are treated and trained and want to make sure you're able to do so in a humane, easy and fun way for you and your pet.” Mollie Cutler 

    • Saturday, February 18, 2017
    • 8:30 AM
    • Sunday, February 19, 2017
    • 4:30 PM
    • Tampa, FL

    The Gift of a Gray Muzzle: Active Care for Senior Dogs 

    Presented by Kathy Sdao and Lori Stevens


    PPAB 12, CPDT - 12

    Kathy Sdao, an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Lori Stevens, CPDT-KA, SAMP, and senior Tellington TTouch® Training practitioner share a deep love for senior dogs. They’ve combined their decades of animal-care and training expertise to teach this heartfelt and practical workshop. Lori and Kathy’s goal is to empower you to joyfully and actively engage with and support your aging dog. They will share several methods to keep your dog’s mind and body agile and strong. They will also discuss many ideas for making everyday life easier for your senior dog. The result is a dog who is more competent and confident in the face of physical and cognitive challenges and who has additional opportunities for staying healthy and active.

    Who should attend?

    • People who live with aging dogs, including both senior and "peri-senior" dogs
    • Professionals who have an interest in helping their clients with aging dogs
    • Anyone interested in dogs and how to support them during the aging process

    Workshop Agenda:

    • Lori: Defining & Observing Seniorhood
    • Kathy: Kindle the Spark of Life
    • Lori: Everyday Life with Seniors
    • Kathy: Maximize Emotional Resilience
    • Lori: Touching & Wrapping
    • Kathy: Expect Changes in Compliance
    • Lori: Movement & Conditioning
    • Kathy: Keep Them Eating
    • Kathy: Let Us Play
    • Lori: Thoughts on Life’s Final Transition
    • Discussion/Q & A

    What you will learn in this workshop:

    • Effects of aging and what you can expect
    • Various healthcare options that complement mainstream veterinary care
    • TTouch bodywork and wrapping techniques, including leg and body wraps
    • Strategies for minimizing age-related anxiety and maximizing emotional resilience
    • Methods for modifying cues to accommodate sensory limitations
    • Movement and conditioning exercises that benefit aging dogs
    • Games to keep mind and body active
    • Help for senior dogs who have difficulty standing up or climbing stairs
    • Tips for dealing with loss of appetite
    • Considerations regarding end-of-life decisions

    Supplemental Information

    • Monthly financing available. Complete payment must be received 60 days prior to the event.
    • The seminar price includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon drinks.
    • There will be an onsite Bonfire ‘Get Together’ on Saturday Evening. A small additional fee will be charged for snacks and refreshments if you choose to attend, ($20.00). Reservations can be made closer to the date.
    • If you register for a working spot you may only bring one dog with you
    • You can make several payments for this workshop by contacting Rebekah King.
    • All dogs attending must be dressed according to the PPG’s Guiding Principles. No shock, choke or prong collars.
    • Kathy and Lori recommend all the dogs be in comfortable harnesses for the seminar
    • No human- or dog-reactive dogs please.
    • No noisy dogs.
    • Please bring with you a mat for your dog to rest on, a Kong or other mentally stimulating toy and lots of small yummy treats.
    • Please see our refund policy

      Sponsored & Hosted at The DogSmith Training Center.

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