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    • Monday, July 20, 2015
    • 9:00 PM
    • Thursday, July 20, 2023
    • 10:30 PM
    • Recorded Webinar

    Free Member Webinar

    presented by Kat Albrecht


    This workshop covers the basics of how to evaluate and train a dog to find lost pets.

    The MAR (Missing Animal Response) field is growing leaps and bounds. More and more professional pet detectives are emerging and many communities are forming teams of volunteers who specifically work to recover lost pets. Yet finding the right dog for the job is critical.

    Whether you’re involved in lost pet recovery work or you’re simply looking to give your dog a new job, this workshop will enable you to prepare you to find the right dog and to move forward into training your dog to find lost pets.

    Webinar Objectives

    • What temperaments and traits are needed in a Missing Animal Response (MAR) Search Dog
    • How to Properly Evaluate a Dog for MAR work
    • How to Select and Train a Target Cat
    • Steps to Train a MAR Cat Detection Dog
    • Steps to Train a MAR Trailing Dog
    • Other MAR Training Opportunities

    About The Presenters

    Kat Albrecht is a police detective-turned-pet detective and the founder of Missing Pet Partnership, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their families. Since 1997, Kat has worked search dogs trained to find lost pets. She pioneered the cross application of law enforcement investigative techniques and technologies to solve lost pet investigations and is widely known as the leading authority on K9 pet detective training. Through her business K9 Pet Trackers, Kat launched the first-ever pet detective academy where she trains humans and search dogs to find lost pets.

    Kat has appeared on Animal Planet and articles about her work have appeared in People, Reader’s Digest, Bark, Woman’s World, and Parade. She gives spiritual seminars on how to find your “life purpose” and is the author of two books: Dog Detectives: Train Your Dog to Find Lost Pets and Pet Tracker: How I Found My Life Purpose as a Pet Detective (Amazon.com only). Kat lives in Federal Way, Washington with her husband and her dog Kody.

    - Love of the Water
    - Ability to Swim
    - Basic Foundation Skills
    - Developing a positive association with your board and paddle
    - The use of targeting to aid in balance
    - Training techniques for dry land and water 
    - Safety consideration for both you and your dog

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