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Geek Week - Nov 13-17, 2021

Event Registration. Early Bird Rate - Members $200.00.  Public $250.00 until August 31, 2021

Your 2021 Hosting Organizations:

APDT Australia, INTODogs UK, Pet Professional Guild Australia,

Pet Professional Guild British Isles and the  Pet Professional Guild.

An Overview of Events .... Being Updated 

November 6-12 2021 Your 7 Day GeeNerd CountDown 

Attendees will be invited into the official Geek Week Platform 12 days prior to the event to generate networking and fun for all. From  Nov 6 to Nov 12 there will be a daily countdown with fun prizes announced each day  at 9 am and 7 pm ET

Day 1 & Day 5 

This year’s Geek Week will feature a special Day 1 and Day 5 where we will host presentations 24 hours a day.Day 1 will feature a  virtual cocktail party and prizes galore. Day 5 will present key sessions and include a wrap up General Session.  

Day 2, 3 & 4

On days 2, 3 and 4 to support the two General Sessions scheduled each day there will also be three other tracks simultaneously running. These tracks will feature The best of Academia Skill Building and Business Consulting and Personal Development. There will be daily Book Author sessions, Sponsor Spotlights and Meet Your Exhibitors

Session Descriptions

 General Sessions

The General Session will be chaired by an Academic Keynote Speaker or Skill Expert. All attendees will be gathered in the same location to enjoy these sessions. General sessions will take place at 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. ET daily.

 The A Track – An Academic Track

The A Track will feature national and international Academics introducing and discussing their research or reviewing the current literature in their field of endeavor. Each session will be scholarly in nature, breaking down a research subject, its data, findings, and recommendations. Presenters will hold high level qualifications in their presentation subjects, most often holding doctorates or in the final stages of their doctoral studies.  They will all work at a university or further education institute. We make no apology for the fact that this will be a strictly science based, academic stream only.

 The B Track - A Behavior Track

The B-Track is a behavior ‘how-to’ track featuring highly proficient, hands-on, mechanically skilled dog trainers who will, throughout their presentations give attendees a takeaway ‘how-to’ of their subject.  The scope of the How-To sessions will be narrow, and the knowledge available will be rich.  Attendees will leave a ‘how-to’ session with a comprehensive understanding of how the presented skill is trained and performed. Each presentation will include the title, a breakdown of the task skills, the required criteria, the goals of the task, the training steps to teach/train the skill and will also include explanatory videos.  Examples are: How to Counter Condition a Muzzle, How to teach a 3 skill behavior chain.

 The C- Track – The Consulting Track

The C-Track will cover consulting, marketing, and personal growth topics. This track is designed to support personal development and business growth skills. Topics may be academic in nature or may be operationally focused.  They may also include human resource subjects. Subjects relative to both personal and business growth for everyone from private consultants to volunteer organizations and rescues/shelters.

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