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June 2019: Issue 42

PPG Summit 2020: 15% Early Bird Discount Available

PPG is currently finalizing the speakers for its PPG Summit 2020 in Kanab, Utah. Next year’s theme is Collaborative Care and Enrichment – Creating Partnerships for Positive Results and a 15% Early Bird Discount and payment plans are available if you sign up before September 2019. Attendees will be able to choose between two unique programs:

Program 1: The Three-Day Summit:

Monday, September 21 - Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Program 2: The Five-Day Summit + Skills Workshop:

Monday, September 21 - Friday, September 25, 2020

The event will feature General Sessions at Kanab’s new Conference Center each morning, early afternoon, and evening. For Program 2 attendees, each afternoon from Monday-Friday, eight groups of 10, each supervised by a PPG staff member and a presenter, will go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for lunch and then continue to Workshops on site. Each Workshop is limited to 10 attendees only. Daily workshops will be held in: Horse Haven, Piggy Paradise, Dog Town Group 1, Dog Town Group 2, Wild Friends, Cat World, Bunny House and Parrot Garden. Meanwhile, at the Conference Center, attendees will be able work with their own dogs under the tutelage of industry experts. Register here.

Canine Committee Seeks Volunteers

PPG is looking for a couple of volunteers for its Canine Committee to help develop Standard Operating Procedures for key skills. If you can donate a couple of hours a week to work on projects and attend one monthly meeting then we want to hear from you! Email us at admin@petprofessionalguild.com with ‘Canine Committee Volunteers’ in the subject line. (© Can Stock Photo/bakhurmikele)

In the Pipeline

  • Rumor has it PPG will be hosting another Summit in the British Isles in 2020. Watch out for announcements coming soon!
  • The PPG Rescue Committee is getting ready to roll out new rescue resources and launch a new website to providing fabulous resources for all. For a sneak peak at what’s to come, see Management and Behavior Modification: Developing a Force-Free Toolbox for Rescues and Shelters, BARKS from the Guild, May 2019, pp.14-21).
  • PPG Scholarships: The PPG Education Committee has been busy assessing all the applications for this year. The final candidates have been notified of their awards and names will be announced very soon.

Business Referrals

Do you get referrals from your PPG member listing? PPG fields several inquiries each day that we send in your direction. BUT it helps if your profile is correctly set up. Please visit the website and log in, then click ‘view,’ ‘edit profile,’ and make sure of the following:

  • Your website and your full address are listed.
  • You identify which services you provide.
  • Your logo or an identifying picture is in place.

GPS systems need a full address set up to ensure you will come up in the PPG Zip Code Search, so if your listing is missing a street, a number, a zip code, or a town you will not show. You can make your address private in your profile by editing your settings, but it does need to be there to help find you in the database.

Order July BARKS in Print; May BARKS Available Online


You can now order the print edition of the July issue of BARKS from the Guild (above left). The issue’s Cover Story examines what science tells us about the use of electric shock in animal training, examines some of the common arguments used in favor of the practice, and what you can do to help the Shock-Free Coalition. and there are lots of other great articles covering all things canine, training, feline, behavior, equine, pet care, business, and consulting. View the full Contents page.

The digital edition of the May 2019 issue of BARKS from the Guild is available to read online (above right).

Click here to order your very own print copy of the July 2019 edition of BARKS from the Guild.

Project Trade Names April Ambassador

Congratulations to PPG Advocacy Committee co-chairman, Daniel Antolec, of Happy Buddha Dog Training in Wisconsin, USA who collected one prong collar and has been named Project Trade Ambassador for April 2019.



Project Trade is PPG's advocacy program whereby members offer service discounts in exchange for aversive training gear.

Find out how Project Trade can help your business in Helping Dogs, Helping Families.


Friday, July 26, 2019, 2 p.m. EST

Guest: Adina Silberstein, CEO of Queenie’s Pets

Topic: Adina Silberstein will discuss her upcoming PPG Webinar on Wednesday, July 31, Say “No” More Often: Capitalizing on Your Unique Value. The discussion will focus on how operating from fear can negatively impact decision-making, yet creating clear-cut, forward-thinking boundaries can positively impact work/life balance, profitability, company culture and more.

Register to listen live or get the recording.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 2 p.m. EST

Guest: Daniel Quagliozzi

Topics: Cats and consent to petting; How overstimulation and petting aggression can be avoided through awareness of human intention and the understanding of feline body language and thresholds; How taking fewer physical liberties with our cats can allow for more social interaction and trust with our cats.

Register to listen live or get the recording.

Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a question to any of the guests or hosts.


May 10, 2019: Marco Adda on free-ranging dogs, one of the most widely distributed carnivores in the world, yet whose behavior scientists are only just beginning to study. Read the interview with Marco Adda in BARKS from the Guild.

June 6, 2019: Dr. Lynn Bahr on the benefits of allowing cats to scratch and how to encourage them to scratch appropriately.

View the full schedule of upcoming BARKS Podcasts here.

Tuesday, July 16 - 2 p.m. EDT

Debunk, Support Science, or Tell a Story? - Presented by Zazie Todd Ph.D

Wednesday, July 24 - 2 p.m. EDT

How to Bring Back the Food Motivation - Presented by Yvette Van Veen

Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!

PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till June 30, 2019).

Title Presenter
"It's Mine!" - Object Guarder Cases Studies: Two DSCC and a DRI Jean Donaldson
Epigenetics and Puppies Dr. Lynn Honeckman
Community Safety through Breed Bans? The Facts Versus The Myths Deirdre Franklin
Errorless Learning: Setting Up For Success Kate Mallatratt
Predatory Behavior - What is it and can it be stopped? Dr. Tiffani Howell

Member Brags

Check out the amazing tale of Rocky the Moluccan cockatoo (left), who is now starring in a nationwide commercial. Rocky was saved from being euthanized for aggressive behavior and has been trained by our very own BARKS contributor Lara Joseph. Joseph adopted Rocky almost 13 years ago and has also written about him in previous issues of BARKS (see A Cry for Attention, BARKS from the Guild, October 2014, pp.52-54). Watch Rocky in action.

Another PPG member in the news is Shock-Free Coalition regional coordinator, Nancy Bown of Dog-Harmony Inc., a nonprofit in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida that works to keep dogs out of shelters. Bown is offering free training advice for rescued dogs with behavior problems. Read article.

The Shock-Free Coalition has also been in the news in Gibraltar. Regional coordinators Nicole Corby and Yvette Potter have set up an online petition asking the Gibraltar Government to place a ban on the sale and use of shock collars. Read article.

Congratulations to all! Let us know if you've been in the news so we can feature you here!

New this month!

Evolution of facial muscle anatomy in dogs - Juliane Kaminski, Bridget M. Waller, Rui Diogo, Adam Hartstone-Rose, and Anne M. Burrows

Managing the Risk of Aggressive Dog Behavior: Investigating the Influence of Owner Threat and Efficacy Perceptions - Emma J. Williams, Emily Blackwell

Electronic training devices: Discussion on the pros and cons of their use in dogs as a basis for the position statement of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology Sylvia Masson, Silviade la Vega, Angelo Gazzano, Chiara Mariti, Gonçalo Da Graça Pereira, Christine Halsberghe, Anneli Muser Leyvraz, Kevin McPeake, Barbara Schoening

Unvalidated, unreliable, and unnecessary: Evidence for the case against formal behavior evaluations for shelter dogs - National Canine Research Council

Do let the dogs out: Huge fines for pet confinement part of ACT animal welfare overhaul

Cat Declawing Is Banned by New York State Lawmakers – Jesse McKinley

Differential Effect of Reward and Punishment on Procedural Learning - Tobias Wächter, Ovidiu V. Lungu, Tao Liu, Daniel T. Willingham, and James Ashe

Do shock collars hurt? It’s the amps not the volts – Yvette Van Veen

Bob Bailey : Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ - Jennifer Cattet 

Stressed cats: Identifying and addressing the signs of stress - International Cat Care

Japanese version of the Dog Personality Scale: Reliability and validity based on owner and dog instructor evaluation and behavioral observation -

Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well– Marc Bekoff

Dog owners are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than people without a dog: An investigation of the association between dog ownership and physical activity levels in a UK community Carri WestgarthRobert M. ChristleyChristopher JewellAlexander J. GermanLynne M. Boddy & Hayley E. Christian 

Orienting asymmetries and physiological reactivity in dogs’ response to human emotional faces - Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d’Ingeo, Angelo Quaranta

Do aversive-based training methods actually compromise dog welfare?: A literature review - Joana Guilherme Fernandes, I. Anna S.Olsson, Ana Catarina Vieira de Castro

Shock Collar Video – Sandgrain Films

Is It Really Just a Tap? Shock Collar Training Explained – Eileen Anderson

Will a hiding box provide stress reduction for shelter cats? - C.M.Vinke, L.M.Godijn, W.J.R.van der Leij

Manitoba vets vote to ban cat declawing - Cameron MacLean

Cooperation Versus Coercion – Nicole Wilde

Seven Reasons to Use Reward-Based Dog Training - Zazie Todd

See the full PPG Archive.

New this month!

Animal Trainers: Take Animal Emotions into Consideration! - Karolina Westlund

Actually, I **Can** Get My Dogs’ Attention - Eileen Anderson

Behavior Suppression Is Not the Same as Behavior Modification - Jenny Efimova

Scared Dog vs. Happy and Engaged Dog - Eileen Anderson

Are Head Halters Like Prongs? – Yvette Van Veen

Double Asset or Double Trouble? - Anna Bradley

Prehistoric Dogs and Humans – Dan Antolec

Case Study: Over-Excited, Frustrated, Habituation and Freedom – Theo Stewart

Eight Tips When Traveling with a Puppy – Tonya Wilhelm

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