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Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Developments at PPG! Issue 23: November 2017

#PPGSummit Orlando Ticket Winner

Congratulations to Mardi Richmond of Good Dog Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California who has won PPG’s Shock-Free Pledge Competition and won a ticket to #PPGSummit 2017! We look forward to seeing many of you at the summit in Orlando next week!

Sign Up for PPG's Kanab Training an Behavior Workshop

Taking place at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah on April 22-26, 2018, the workshop will feature four days of lectures and hands-on clinics across multiple species with industry experts Janis Bradley, Chirag Patel, Emily Larlham, Jacqueline Munera, Emily Cassell and Lara Joseph, supported by Best Friends experts Dr. Franklin McMillan, Sherry Woodard, Glenn Pierce, plus a special presentation by Best Friends co-founder, Faith Maloney. The event also has its own Facebook group for attendees. Limited places, sign up today! Payment plans are available for PPG members.

PPG Australia Announces Summit Ticket Winners

PPG Australia (PPGA) took part in the Australian Pet Dog Trainer (APDT) Association conference in Glenelg, South Australia at the end of October, where they announced the inaugural PPG Educational Summit in Australia, which will take place in Sydney, New South Wales on July 27-29, 2018. PPGA also gave out a couple of free registrations to the event, with Sonia Gregson and Trish Wissell the two lucky winners (pictured left and right respectively, with PPG Australia steering committee member, Debra Millikan). “PPGA is currently working closely with APDT Australia and looking into where we can improve services for the members of both associations,” said PPGA president Barbara Hodel.

PPG Members Supporting the #ShockFreeCoalition

PPG member Phyllis Beasley, owner and lead trainer at Praise Your Dog! Training, LLC in Columbia, South Carolina has taken the initiative and come up with her own way to promote PPG’s Shock-Free Coalition using these wristbands alongside her fellow reward-based trainers (pictured above).

Meanwhile, the newly-established Shock-Free Coalition of Maine, spearheaded by PPG member Don Hanson, took out an ad in a local newspaper to promote the initiative with the aim of building awareness amongst the general public and encouraging fellow pet professionals to Sign the Pledge to eliminate shock animal training devices from the supply chain once and for all (pictured below) .

Shock-Free Coalition: Sign the Pledge!

The Shock-Free Coalition is on Facebook so please like and share the page so you can stay up-to-date on news and help spread the word. If you haven’t yet signed the Shock-Free Pledge, you can do so here, and this is our social media hashtag: #ShockFreeCoalition. We are grateful for our members’ support of this important initiative.

PPG Presents Workshops by Vicki Ronchette, Kathy Cascade

Vicki Ronchette, supported by Niki Tudge, will host Successfully Train and Compete in the Show Ring - Learn the knowledge and skills you need to compete or teach a professional curriculum in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, September 22, and Sunday, September 23, 2018. The workshop is aimed at pet owners interested in learning about show dogs so they can begin competing (dogs are welcome, of course!); current competitors to help them up their game; and dog trainers to help them develop the skills and knowledge to launch their own show dog classes and support their clients in achieving their goals. 

Meanwhile, you can still reserve a spot at S.A.N.E. Solutions for Shy and Fearful Dogs®, presented by Kathy Cascade, will take place in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, January 27 and Sunday January 28, 2018. The seminar will be helpful for owners of dogs who exhibit shy, fearful, or anxious behaviors, and dog trainers, rescue and animal welfare professionals, or other pet care professionals who work with dogs with these behavior issues.

Order a Print Copy of January 2018 BARKS; Read the November Issue Online

The printed edition of the January 2018 issue of BARKS from the Guild (pictured above) is now available to order! Reserve your very own personal copy by Monday, December 18 and get it delivered to your door! In this issue: stopping behavior problems before they start, #PPGSummit 2017 - a full report, harnesses - why to use them and how to choose one, a dog's perceptual abilities and the impact these might have on behavior, from "difficult" shelter dog two days from euthanasia to Rally and trick dog champion, canine anxiety, the world of wolfdogs, overcoming fear of humans (a feline case study), a Thoroughbred’s life after racing, a lesson in compassion for professional behavior consultants, and getting shock off the table – quotes from the experts.

Meanwhile, the digital edition of this month’s BARKS (pictured below) is now available to read online. Articles include clicker training for cats, games for a dog on crate rest, proofing, shaping, luring, and poisoning cues, a veteran’s journey to force-free dog training, a dog’s ideal day, being your dog’s champion, enrichment at boarding and day care facilities, the power of off-contact training, individual preferences and +R for horses, consent testing with a flying squirrel, the need for self-care, canine professionals and court testimony, training vs. teaching, ask the experts with dog*tec and all the latest PPG news.

BARKS is also on Facebook. If you would like to write for BARKS, either as a regular contributor, or have a one-off article you'd like to submit, please email the editor, Susan Nilson.

Special Offer: Doggone Safe Dog Bite Safety Book

Doggone Safe president Niki Tudge’s A Kids’ Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog is a fun, interactive, educational resource to help the whole family understand canine communication and there are some special offers in place to help spread the word. You can place an order for a single copy, and there are also four further options available:

1.      Educational Purposes. If you are interested in bulk ordering this book for educational purposes only (e.g. to give to clients), then you can purchase the book for $6.40. No resale license. Minimum of 21 units.

2.      Retail Options. If you would like to retail this book then you can purchase them for $8.50 each. Resale license with recommended pricing of $15.

3.      Non-Profit. If you are a non-profit and want to use the book in your business to retail or for educational purposes, please complete the form and indicate your non-profit status. Individual cost is $5.00. Retail license granted. Recommended unit cost is $15.

4.      Rescue Groups. Enjoy the non-profit rates and gain access to this fun promotional flyer (see picture) you can add to your adoption pack. The individual cost is $ 5. Retail license granted. Recommended unit cost is $15.

Once you fill out the form and make the payment, the books will ship to you within 6 days.  

New This Month in the PPG Archive

Oxytocin and Cortisol Levels in Dog Owners and Their Dogs Are Associated with Behavioral Patterns: An Exploratory Study by Maria Petersson, Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, Anne Nilsson, Lise-Lotte Gustafson, Eva Hydbring-Sandberg and Linda Handlin

Interspecies transmission of emotional information via chemosignals: from humans to dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) by Biagio D’Aniello, Gün Refik Semin, Alessandra Alterisio, Massimo Aria, Anna Scandurra

Defaming Rover: Error-Based Latent Rhetoric in the Medical Literature on Dog Bites by Arnold Arluke, Donald Cleary, Gary Patronek, Janis Bradley 

Teaching husbandry behaviors with clicker training: Tooth Inspection by Katie Bartlett

Sheep recognize familiar and unfamiliar human faces from two-dimensional images by Franziska Knolle, Rita P. Goncalves, A. Jennifer Morton

What Dogs Do After Training Affects How Much They Remember by Stanley Coren

One Concept from Ecological Psychology that will Improve your Training Sessions by Gal Ziv

Early weaning increases aggression and stereotypic behaviour in cats by Milla K. AholaKatariina Vapalahti, Hannes Lohi

How We Ignore Our Horse’s Fear by Erica Franz.

The Silent Epidemic: Anxiety in Dogs by Debra Horwitz

Functionally relevant responses to human facial expressions of emotion in the domestic horse (Equus caballus) by Amy Victoria Smith, Leanne Proops, Kate Grounds, Jennifer Wathan, Karen McComb

Check the full PPG Archive.

New This Month on the PPG Blog

Project Trade Announces September Ambassador

Congratulations to Jessica Hudson of Mobile Dog Training in Alabama, USA, who traded three shock collars, one choke collar and four prong collars, and is the Project Trade Ambassador for September, 2017. Congratulations too to Daniel Antolec of Happy Buddha Dog Training in Wisconsin, USA who traded one shock collar, Breanna Norris of Canine Insights in Maine, USA, who traded one choke collar, Janis Crary of All About The Dog in Indiana, USA who traded two prong collars and three choke collars, Heather Luedecke of Delighted Dog Training Academy in Ohio, USA, who traded two choke collars, one prong collar, and two shock collars, and to Erika Gonzalez of From Dusk Till Dog in New Jersey, USA, who traded four prong collars.

   Project Trade is PPG's advocacy program whereby members offer service discounts in exchange for aversive training gear. Find out how Project Trade can help your business in Helping Dogs, Helping Families.

PPG Message Board

PPG has an online Discussion Forum for members to ask questions, solicit advice, discuss pertinent issues and soon. You can join the discussion in the members’ area of the website.

PPG on Twitter

PPG has an active Twitter account and often tweets about new scientific research studies, plus blog posts and videos that are of interest to pet professionals, in addition to its own news, blog posts, educational handouts and articles. Join us @PetGuild, www.twitter.com/PetGuild.

PPG World Service Radio Show, Podcasts

Upcoming Broadcasts:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 2 p.m. EDT with guest Drayton Michaels

Topic: Let’s Opinionate! The lack of focus on human mechanics and the over reliance on “dog body language.”

Register to listen live.

Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a question to any of the guests or hosts.

Recordings of Recent Podcasts:

Ken McCort - Ensuring our pets get along from October 18, 2017.

Helen Phillips - “Going for a Bumble” and teaching gundogs using positive reinforcement from November 5, 2017.

Special #ShockFreeCoalition Podcasts:

Daniel Antolec, Breanna Norris, Erika Gonzalez, Heather Luedecke, and Anastasia Tsoulia – Project Trade, a strategic way to apply a discounted service policy in exchange for aversive training equipment from September 26, 2017.

Drayton Michaels and Niki Tudge – An uncensored chat about training with shock! from September 28, 2017

Dr. Marc Bekoff - Do pet parents understand when their dog is feeling stressed and when their dog is feeling happy? from October 1, 2017. 

Live PPG Webinars

How to Improve Your Pet's Gut Health Presented by Dr. Holly Ganz - Wednesday, December 6, 1 p.m. EST

A Webinar on Solutions for Working with Shy, Fearful, or Anxious Dogs Presented by Kathy Cascade - Thursday, December 14, 1 p.m. EST

Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!

PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till November 30, 2017).



Using Back Chaining to train Tricks, Dog Sports and Real World Behaviors

Pamela Johnson

I'm Bored Who Cares About Food Anyway?

Michelle Martiya

Understand the Fallouts of Punishment and What it can do to Dogs and People

Alexandra Santos

Out of What Box?

Jean Donaldson

Learn How To Effectively Manage Groups of Dogs In an Off-Leash Environment

Kathy Sdao

Standing Invitation to Join Facebook Groups - All about Cats, Horses

Join PPG All about Cats on Facebook to learn all about cat behavior and ask questions on anything feline related. If you are working in equine behavior or wish to learn more about it, you are welcome at PPG All about Horses.


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Schedule an On-Site Business Consult with Dog*Tec

Dog*tec business coaches will be on hand for one-on-one in-person sit downs at this year’s annual summit in Orlando. If you’ve ever thought about taking advantage of their friendly, individualized consulting, this is a great chance to give it a try. Get some advice about how to start your dream business, or a little help with the business you already have. Wish you had more clients or students? Wondering how to raise your rates without risk? Need some support solving a pesky problem? A chat with dog*tec is just the thing. Consults will be pre-scheduled on a first come, first served basis later this year, so watch for the sign-up announcement!



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