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Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Developments at PPG! Issue 34: October 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of NEWS from the Guild, published in association with BARKS from the Guild, PPG’s bi-monthly trade publication for pet professionals.

Portland 2019: Blog Competition Winners


Congratulations to Shannon Finch and Stephanie Peters who are joint winners in our Portland Blog Competition and each win a free entry ticket to PPG’s Canine Aggression and Bite Prevention Seminar in Portland, Oregon April 26-28, 2019! Congratulations, too, to Lynn Bahr, Hannah Blumenfeld, Tina Ferner, Kathleen Godfrey, Nicola Marshall, Marie Selarque and Michelle Wieser who are all runners up in the competition, for which a very high standard of entries was received. All winning and runner up blogs will be posted on the BARKS Blog in the next few months, as well as featured in a special, 20-page supplement on canine and feline aggressive behavior in the March 2019 issue of BARKS from the Guild.

Let’s Celebrate +R Photo/Video Competition

Don’t forget, PPG has marked November 17, 2018 as the International Day of Advocacy to celebrate the first anniversary of the official launch of its international advocacy initiative, the Shock-Free Coalition and is running a photo/video competition to mark the occasion.

Let's Celebrate +R will run from seven days prior to seven days post November 17. Entry will be via both PPG's North America/International and Europe websites with prizes issued to the winners selected from submissions to both sites. To participate, simply take a photo and/or make a short video and submit it to one of the competition categories. Great prizes are on offer, including a ticket to PPG’s Canine Aggression and Bite Prevention Seminar 2019 in Portland, Oregon and Woof 2019 in Nottingham, England.

PPG Hosts Free Day of Fun in Florida


PPG held its first ever day of free education and fun for Florida-based PPG members and DogSmiths on Sunday, September 16, 2018 at its headquarters in Tampa. The schedule included presentations by PPG president, Niki Tudge, local veterinarian, Dr. Lynn Honeckman, and Tampa-based dog trainer and behavior consultant, Angelica Steinker. Attendees with dogs took part in a group training session for an afternoon of fun competitions, including agility. “The event was a resounding success and from it came the idea to host more of these events across the membership as they ensure that we network and learn from each other, have fun, and have access to a support system to help us all in our businesses,” said PPG president, Niki Tudge. “If you are interested in hosting a regular PPG member networking day in your area, please review the blueprint for PPG Networking Groups then complete the short form so we have you in our database and can communicate directly with you.” (Photos: left, Fig by Jeanine Daniell Brawn; center, River by Dawn Hanna; and right, Anais by Lorena Patti)

PPG Announces February Training Workshop

PPG will host a two-day workshop, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Get Agile While You Tune-Up Your Training Skills and Mechanics! instructed by PPG president Niki Tudge in Tampa, Florida on February 9-10, 2019. Register today!

Improved Member Zip Code Search

PPG has invested in upgrading the zip code search feature on the website so that the members can be found more easily. Take a moment to make sure your entry in the member directory is up-to-date so that potential clients can find you!

PPG President Podcast

PPG president Niki Tudge talks force-free training, the Shock-Free Coalition, the pet industry and animal behavior in this podcast with Ryan Cartlidge of the Animal Training Academy in New Zealand.

New Handout on Equine Behavior

The PPG Equine Division has released a new handout on Equine Social Structure as part of its goal to build PPG’s equine behavior resources. (Photo: © Can Stock Photo/castenoid)

September BARKS Available Online; Order November BARKS in Print


The digital edition of the September 2018 issue of BARKS from the Guild is now available. Special multi-species issue features cats, dogs, tortoises, rabbits, horses, and parrots, as well as training, behavior, boarding and day care, PPG news, mentorship, business advice, and lots more! Meanwhile, you can now order the print edition of the November 2018 edition of BARKS. This issue’s Cover Story examines the roles of dopamine, anticipation, and reinforcement schedules and the essential roles they combine to play in the efficacy of your training. There are also more educational features on cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and birds with a special appearance by Willoughby the turkey vulture, as well as training, behavior, boarding and day care, a special report from PPG Australia's July Sydney summit, PPG news, business advice, and lots more! View the Contents page.

Project Trade Update


Congratulations to Janis Crary of All About The Dog in Indiana, USA for collecting one choke collar and one pinch collar and is Project Trade Ambassador for August 2018.

Project Trade is PPG's advocacy program whereby members offer service discounts in exchange for aversive training gear. Find out how Project Trade can help your business in 

Helping Dogs, Helping Families.

PPG Workshops 2019


The Successfully Train and Compete in the Showring – Learn the Knowledge and Skills You Need to Compete or Teach a Professional Curriculum workshop, presented by Vicki Ronchette and supported by Niki Tudge, will take place on Saturday, September 21 – Sunday, September 22, 2019 at PPG’s Tampa, Florida HQ. The event is suitable for pet owners interested in learning about show dogs, current competitors who want to up their game, and dog trainers who want to develop the skills and knowledge to launch their own show dog classes and support their clients in achieving their goals. Meanwhile, highly experienced certified canine behaviorist and trainer, police dog training instructor and mondioring decoy, Craig Ogilvie will be in the US for the first time to present a two-day workshop, Communication, Interaction, Arousal & Problematic Behaviors - A Practical Guide to Understanding, Implementing and Overcoming, on October 12-13, 2019 at PPG’s Tampa, Florida HQ. More details and registration.

BARKS Podcasts


Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 1 p.m. EST

Guest: Jean Donaldson.

Topic: Donaldson’s PPG Webinar It’s Mine! – Object Guarder Cases Studies: Two DS/CC and a DRI (broadcasting December 11, 2018, see Webinars,
below, for details) which will present three case studies of resource guarders — two resolved using desensitization and counterconditioning
and one resolved using differential reinforcement.

Register to listen live.

Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a question to any of the guests or hosts.

View the full schedule of upcoming BARKS Podcasts here.


October 2, 2018: Jane Bowers discusses Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviour, a course for law enforcement personnel and others who meet unfamiliar dogs in the course of their duties. Listen here.

PPG Webinars

Friday, October 26 - 1 p.m. EDT

How to House Train Your Puppy Presented by Alexandra Santos

Tuesday, November 13 - 1 p.m. EST

Is Loose Lead Walking a Self-Control Behaviour? Presented by Sian Ryan

Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!

PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till September 30, 2018).

Grief, Loss, and Coping: How to Care for Yourself and Others When A Pet Dies

Dr. Vanessa Rohlf

Litter Box Basics

Beth Adelman

Daycare or Nightmare? The Ins and Outs of Training in or for a Doggy Daycare Facility

Tabitha Davies

How to Improve Your Pet's Gut Health

Dr. Holly Ganz

Concepts in Cognition

Yvette Van Veen

Guild Archive and BARKS Blog: New this Month

Development of a mental wellness program for animals - Franklin D. McMillan

Fast neural learning in dogs: A multimodal sensory fMRI study - Ashley PrichardRaveena ChhibberKate AthanassiadesMark Spivak & Gregory S. Berns

Training domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) on a novel discrete trials odor-detection task - Nathaniel J.Hall, David W.Smith, Clive D.L.Wynne

Separation anxiety calls for specific diagnosis, treatment - Susan C. Kahler

Communication in Dogs – Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d’Ingeo, Michele Minunno, and Angelo Quaranta

Shock collars, Regulation, and Education on the Alternatives – Zazie Todd

Anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism as influences in the quality of life of companion animals - JWS Bradshaw,  RA Casey

Behavioral assessment and owner perceptions of behaviors associated with guilt in dogs - Julie Hecht, Ádám Miklósi, Márta Gácsi

Disambiguating the “guilty look”: Salient prompts to a familiar dog behavior - Alexandra Horowitz

Are owners' reports of their dogs’ ‘guilty look’ influenced by the dogs’ action and evidence of the misdeed? – Ljerka Ostojić, Mladenka Tkalčić, Nicola S.Clayton

Remove the ego, listen to the dog - Maureen Backman

Direct-to-consumer DNA testing of 6,000 dogs reveals 98.6-kb duplication associated with blue eyes and heterochromia in Siberian Huskies - Petra E. Deane-Coe, Erin T. Chu, Andrea Slavney, Adam R. Boyko, Aaron J. Sams 

“My Dog is Stubborn!” How We Project Human Qualities onto Dogs – Kristi Benson

Study outlines reasons to ban electronic collars for dogs – Zazie Todd

Five Fun Things to Do to Make Your Dog Happy Today - Zazie Todd

See the full PPG Archive.

Pet Professional Guild Response to Joint Industry Code of Conduct – Pet Professional Guild

Halloween and Pet Welfare – Daniel Antolec

A Lure By Any Name is Still a Lure – Yvette Van Veen

Five Rules for Humans Living in Catlandia -  Daniel “DQ” Quagliozzi

Five Days from Fear to Fun – Classical Counterconditioning – Yvette Van Veen

The Power of Desensitization – Anna Bradley

Ringing the Bell to Go Out: Avoid These 4 Common Errors! – Eileen Anderson

Appearances Can Be Deceiving - Daniel Antolec

Ideas for Touch Signs to Use – Debbie Bauer

Pet Tutor…My Hero - Smart Animal Training

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