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October 2019: Issue 46

PPGBI to Offer Credentialing as Free Membership Benefit

The three credentialing levels currently offered by the Pet Professional Accreditation Board (PPAB) are to be available as a free benefit for Pet Professional Guild British Isles (PPGBI) members effective November 1, 2019, valid for a 12-month period. After a successful integration, the benefit program will become available to PPG members worldwide. PPAB currently offers three levels of credentials:

Level 3: Professional Canine Behavior Consultant – Accredited (PCBC-A)

Approved industry credentials from external parties may be transferred to their PPAB equivalent provided they meet eligibility and ethical criteria. PPAB recently released new study guides to clarify this process. In 2020, PPAB plans to develop Feline and Equine Trainer credentials to its program. Read news release.

PPG Summit 2020: Presenter and Exhibitor/Sponsor Guides


PPG has released the Presenter Guide for its sixth annual summit in Kanab, Utah in September 2020  (above left), featuring up-to-date bios for all 32 presenters at Kanab 2020. Session details are also being released on the BARKS blog and will be added to over the coming weeks and months. There are also many great marketing opportunities available for the event. See the Exhibitor and Sponsor Guide (above right) for details. The theme of Kanab 2020 is Collaborative Care and Enrichment – Creating Partnerships for Positive Results and the event features two unique programs:

Program 1: The Three-Day Summit: Monday, September 21 - Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Program 2: The Five-Day Summit + Skills Workshop: Monday, September 21 - Friday, September 25, 2020.

Quick Links:
Speaker Lineup

Schedule of Events

Workshop Groups

Early Bird Discount

Facebook group

Discounted rates of 20% are available for members plus an additional early bird discount -
Payment plans are available if you sign up before January 31, 2020.

BARKS: Order the November 2019 Issue in Print


The print edition of the November 2019 issue of BARKS from the Guild (above left) is now available to order. The issue’s Cover Story, drawing on comparisons with the field of dog training, discusses the pervasiveness of “dominance” related training methods in the horse world, and explains how force-free, scientifically sound methods can be implemented instead to make the very best of your partnership with your horse (or dog). Other articles include:

  • Training: The importance of working under threshold.
  • Training: Force-free goose hazing.
  • Training Tips: Games for recall.
  • Canine: Preparing for a new puppy.
  • Canine: Integrating a new dog.
  • Canine: Investigating canine post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Case Study: Progress report on Minnie, the young dog who was fearful of weather.
  • Feline: Safe interactions between cats and kids.
  • Feline: Petting-Induced Aggression.
  • Feline: Superfecundation.
  • Business: The Need for Truthful Marketing.
  • Business: Gaining Client Compliance.
  • Book Review: Awesome Obedience: A Positive Training Plan for Competition Success by Hannah Branigan.
  • Comment: The changing lifestyle of dogs.

    View the full Contents page.

    Read the September issue of BARKS from the Guild (above right) online.

    Quick Cat Behavior Tips Now on Website


    PPG's Cat Committee is adding a series of feline behavior tips to the PPG website with PDF files available for download. Topics so far:

    Counter Surfing

    Petting-Induced Aggression

    Destructive Scratching

    Trimming Claws (see graphic above)

    More to come soon!

    PPG Workshop: Pet Loss and Grief Companioning Certification Course

    PPG is offering a two-day Pet Loss and Grief Companioning Certification Course at its Tampa, Florida headquarters on Saturday, February 22 - Sunday, February 23, 2020. Presented by Coleen Ellis, founder of the Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, the event will delve into the emotional journey of the end-of-life walk with a beloved pet. Attendees will learn more about how to support those needing a companion, understanding what pet parents need during this time, the benefits of rituals, compassion fatigue, and more. CEUs are available. Note: part of this certification program will be delivered via two webinars, which are covered by the program fee.

    Craig Ogilvie Workshop

    PPG hosted Craig Ogilvie this past weekend for the workshop, Communication, Interaction, Arousal & Problematic Behaviors - A Practical Guide to Understanding, Implementing and Overcoming. Ogilvie will be returning to Florida next year so watch out for announcements! 

    PPG Member Discount: Dog Behaviour, Dog Training, Pets & Animals - Holistic Approach


    An incredible 90% discount has been made available for PPG members for the above course hosted by canine behavior researcher Marco Adda (above, with some of Bali street dogs).The course is available to all PPG members for €19.99 ($22.10). Original Price €199.99 ($221). Use this link to learn more and access the course at your reduced rate! 

    Pet First Aid Certification

    Join PPG’s extensive Pet First Aid Certification program delivered in individual lessons via your computer, or any electronic device, in the comfort of your own home. Certification requires the completion of an open-book test and the submission of four short videos. Both technical skills and knowledge are assessed to ensure a specific level of competency. The program does not just cover typical pet emergencies, it also covers many of the common problems that you may encounter when caring for a pet. Group and team discounts are available. Access the program as soon as you register.

    Become a Certified “Fun Scent Games” Instructor!

    PPG is offering an updated, improved and new learning platform for its Fun Scent Games certification program. Course participants will learn all about canine olfaction and scent games, along with the what, how and why of operating a successful Fun Scent Games class. Offering Fun Scent Games group classes, private classes or workshops can broaden your service offerings as well as helping to build client loyalty and supporting the needs of your pet owning community. Upon successful completion of the level one fun scent games instructor program, you will earn your DN-FSG1. Level 1 is  a prerequisite for Level 2.

    Project Trade Names August Ambassador

    Congratulations to Monica Hanna of Latchkey Pets in Maryland, USA for trading four prong collars (below left) and who has been named Project Trade Ambassador for August 2019. Congratulations too to Janis Crary of All About The Dog in Indiana, USA for trading three shock collars and one prong collar (below right) for service discounts.


    Project Trade is PPG's advocacy program whereby members offer service discounts in exchange for aversive training gear.

    Find out how Project Trade can help your business in Helping Dogs, Helping Families.



    Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 1 p.m. EST

    Guest: Sally Williams, cat behavior consultant and owner of The Contented Cat, founding director of The Brodie Fund, and founder of The Feline Fine Project.
    Topic: Pet cancer and its impact on family members.
    Register to listen live or get the recording

    Fill out this form if you’d like to submit a question to any of the guests or hosts.


    September 25, 2019: Amy C. Martin, owner of Conscious Companion™, discusses Cats, Kids, and Compassion.

    Friday, October 18 - 4 p.m. EDT
    From Formal to Functional - Using Comprehensive Information to Effectively Assess Animals Presented by Dr. Carley Faughn

    Thursday, October 24 - 1 p.m. EDT

    Learn How to Help the Fearful Dog. Presented by Yvette Van Veen

    Thursday, November 14 - 2 p.m. EST
    Loose Leash Walking - Learn to Nail it Every Time. Presented by Yvette Van Veen

    Discounted Webinars - This Month ONLY!

    PPG is offering selected webinars at a discount this month (discount valid till October 31, 2019).

    Learn About The Genetics of Canine Aggression - Dr. Jessica Hekman
    Learn & Master The Drop on Recall…it’s really just fun and games!!! - Barb Levenson
    Go Full Time: Making Your Night Job Your Day Job - Veronica Boutelle
    Understand How To Use Respondent Conditioning As A Practical View to Behavior Modification - Claudia Estanislau

    Learn How to Work With the Fearful Dog - Susan Claire

    The PPG Archive holds approx. 3,000 articles, blogs and videos. Here's a selection of what's been added this month:

    At the Heart of the Walk Dog Field Study- Cristina & Aurélien Budzinski

    Effects of the Application of Neck Pressure by a Collar or Harness on Intraocular Pressure in Dogs- Amy M. Pauli, Ellison Bentley, Kathryn A. Diehl, and Paul E. Miller

    Comparative Social Cognition: From wolf and dog to humans - Enikő Kubinyi

    The Case for Day Training– Veronica Boutelle

    The behavioral effects of walking on a collar and harness in domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) - John Grainger, Alison P. Wills, V. Tamara Montrose

    Evaluation of the efficacy of an appeasing pheromone diffuser product vs placebo for management of feline aggression in multi-cat households: a pilot study - Theresa L DePorter, David L Bledsoe, Alexandra Beck, Elodie Ollivier

    Behavioral and neural correlates of hide-and-seek in rats - Annika Stefanie Reinhold, Juan Ignacio Sanguinetti-Scheck, Konstantin Hartmann, Michael Brecht

    This algorithm decodes rat squeaks and could revolutionize animal research - Verge Science

    Train your dog to STOP pulling on leash – Emily Larlham

    See the full PPG Archive.

    New this month!

    PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: How Emotions Impact the Outcome of Your Training– BARKS from the Guild

    PPG Summit 2020 Sessions: Building Stronger Teams for the Shelter - BARKS from the Guild

    How I TRAINED My Dog to Take a Pill – Eileen Anderson

    Mentoring the Next Generation of Trainers - Daniel Antolec

    Being Social…..and Polite- Anna Bradley

    Training Tips: My Puppy Is a Scaredy Cat – Sally Bradbury

    Pushing and Pulling are for Luggage, Not for Dogs - Daniel Antolec

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