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October 2021: Issue 70

A Podcast of this issue of BARKS News will soon be available here.

Get Your Geek Week Apparel and Accessories


It’s the PPG / Woof Cultr collab you've been waiting for! We are excited to announce these limited run T-shirt, mug and sticker designs just for Geek Week 2021, PPG’s virtual educational summit taking place on November 13-17, 2021. Hurry and place your order now because they'll be removed from the Woof Cultr store after December 31, 2021. 

Already got your gear? Post your pix and tag @petprofessionalguild and @woofcultr on Instagram!

Geek Week Presenters Are Talking!

PPG president Niki Tudge has been talking to some of the Geek Week presenters to find out what they’re going to be talking about at the event. Check them out here, and don’t forget to register for this great online educational event on November 13-17, 2021!

BARKS Podcast with Dr. Lisa Radosta, Melissa Taylor, Alexandra Santos and Louise Stapleton-Frappell

BARKS Podcast with Dr. Eduardo Fernandez, Michelle Martiya, K. Holden Svirsky, Grisha Stewart and Jean Donaldson

BARKS Podcast with Judy Luther, Leslie McDevitt, Veronica Sanchez and Dr. Karolina Westlund

BARKS Podcast with Dr. Laura Donaldson, Simone Mueller, and Dr. Holly Tett.

BARKS Podcast with Irith Bloom, Paula Garber, Julie Naismith, Suzanne Clothier, and Dr. Simon Gadbois

BARKS Podcast with Emily Tronetti, Tracey Lee Davis, Michael Shikashio, Rain Jordan, and Nancy Tucker

Geek Week 2021 Features:

-        More than 90 events with live Q&A sessions.

-        Educational content streaming 24 hours a day over 5 days.

-        Academic, Behavior and Consulting tracks – Learn your ABCs.

-        70 top notch, internationally renowned speakers.

-        28 academics, 29 behavior experts and 13 consulting specialists.

-        Virtual “Geeked-Up” Cocktail Party – Get fancy, network, and win prizes.

-        Exhibitor sessions – meet live and face-to-face.

-        Meet the authors – Get the details on what’s between the covers.

-        Discounted tickets available for shelters and rescues.

-        A range of sponsorship opportunities.

Check out the Geek Week Schedule and Session Descriptions and Geek Week Presenter Bios.

Register Today!

Geek Week 2021 Awards Third Scholarship Tickets

Congratulations to Geek Week 2021 scholarship ticket recipients Chelsea Edwards, Christine Robertson, Melissa Trimble, Steven Cogswell, Amy Baker, Michelle Mercer, Patrícia Ramalho, Laura Cassiday, Elizabeth Altherr, Laura Miller, Natalia Muskina, and Antonia Goodfellow! Scholarship tickets are awarded by PPG’s Inclusivity Committee to the BIPOC community.

Free Geek Week Ticket Giveaway

Congratulations to
Leah Durbak for being the first to correctly identify the dog (Brian) in this "updated" version of the Geek Week 2021 by presenter Jean Donaldson! Leah has won a FREE ticket to Geek Week - The Sequel.

PPG Signs Two New Corporate Partners

PPG has welcomed two new corporate partners, Julie Naismith and Animal Training Academy.

Julie Naismith helps dogs, guardians, and trainers around the world overcome separation anxiety, with online programs, cutting-edge technology, and science-backed, dog-friendly training methods.

Special PPG Member Offer: $50 off the SA Pro Certification Program. You can find the discount code in the members' area of the PPG website.

Animal Training Academy is an online learning platform where you will find content for all levels of your animal training journey from beginner through to advanced, presented by Ryan Cartlidge and some of the most renowned animal behavior and training geeks on the planet.

You can also join the vast global network of 500+ members and past podcast guests that are active in the membership community areas (Facebook group and website forums).

All of this helps you achieve your animal training & behavior goals based on the application of the best practice, ethical positive reinforcement animal training & behavior management.

Special PPG Member Offer: Have you wondered HOW to change the behavior of animals in your care?

Whether you work with captive animals in a zoo setting, dogs at a daycare, or you simply want to change your pet goldfish’s behavior, our FREE Animal Training Fundamentals Course is for you.

Sign up and learn the fundamentals of training any species - big or small!
Get access immediately.

PPG Advocacy Panel Holds Second Event

PPG’s Advocacy Panel held its second virtual event last month, featuring a host of experts coming together to discuss How To Reach and Work With Your Local Veterinarians. In case you weren’t able to make it for the live event, we recorded it and released it as a podcast. Listen to our BARKS Podcast with the PPG Advocacy Panel: Discussion #2.

The Advocacy Panel’s key mission to support pet guardian education and make it accessible to a wider audience. The next live panel discussion takes place on Friday October 22, 2021 at 3 p.m. (ET) on Zoom. The discussion topic will be Your PPG Advocacy Panel at Work! Advocating to Let Dogs be Dogs, Cats be Cats, Equids Be Equids.

Project Trade Names August Ambassador

Congratulations to Daniel Antolec of Happy Buddha Dog Training LLC in Wisconsin, USA for exchanging two shock collars, two prong collars and one choke collar, and who has been named Project Trade Ambassador for August 2021.

Congratulations, too, to Trista Miller of Polite Paws in Indiana, USA for exchanging one prong collar.

Project Trade is an international optin advocacy program for PPG members that promotes the use of forcefree training equipment by asking pet guardians to trade choke, prong and shock collars (and any other aversive devices). Sign up today!


PPG Dog Lounge

The PPG Dog Lounge is a virtual get together to discuss and share ideas, and each session will have a different topic. Join the PPG Dog Lounge Facebook group for more details. Note: You will be asked for a passcode when you first join. You can find the passcode here in the PPG members’ Facebook group.

The next PPG Dog Lounge will take place on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 and the discussion topic will be Getting Puppies off to a Great Start.

Survey About Perceptions of Dog Behavior

We invite you to take part in an online survey about how people perceive dog behavior and behave around dogs. The survey is anonymous and will require you to answer a range of questions and watch two short videos. You do not need to own a dog to take part.

      Upcoming Facebook Live Sessions

Chat Chuckle and Learn Sessions with PPG president Niki Tudge - save the dates!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 / 3 p.m. (ET)

Niki Tudge chats with Mychelle Garrigan and Dr. Kristina Spaulding about their planned session(s) for Geek Week 2021.

Do you have something you’d like to share? Join Niki Tudge in one of our Facebook Live sessions! Just fill out this short form to get it scheduled and share your knowledge and experience with PPG members and supporters.

Check the PPG Facebook group for all live events and to join live sessions.


Take a Sneak Peek at November BARKS


We’ve added the highlights of the upcoming November 2021 issue of BARKS (above left) in the member zone on the BARKS website. Check them out here in the BARKS Member Zone.

If you’re not yet a member, get your free lifetime digital membership and subscription today!

Read the September issue (above right).

BARKS Podcasts are now available on Anchor, from where you can select your preferred app to listen any time or download. Make sure you follow BARKS Podcasts on whichever app you choose so you can stay updated with new releases.

Latest Podcasts:

BARKS Podcast with the PPG Advocacy Panel discussing How To Reach and Work With Your Local Veterinarians (September 24, 2021).

BARKS Podcast Emily Wolf and Libby Felts of Summit Dog Rescue and the podcast, Pod to the Rescue.(September 17, 2021).

BARKS News – September 2021 edition

Do you have something you’d like to share? Join Niki Tudge as a guest on one of our BARKS Podcasts! You too can share your knowledge and experience with PPG members and supporters!

Listen to earlier BARKS podcasts.

Upcoming Live Webinars:

How Cognitive Biases Interfere with How We Acquire Knowledge. Presented by Dr. Karolina Westlund

Wednesday, October 20 / 2 p.m. ET

The Power of Pavlov. Presented by Dr. Karolina Westlund

Wednesday, October 27 / 2 p.m. ET

Personality in Dogs. Presented by Dr. Kristina Spaulding

Thursday, October 28 / 1:30 p.m. ET

Shaping Up Shaping. Presented by Dr. Karolina Westlund

Wednesday, November 3 / 2 p.m. ET

It Takes a Village: Cases. Presented by Dr. Lisa Radosta

Monday, November 8 / 4 p.m. ET

Scent and the Assistance Dog. Presented by Dr. Robert Hewings

Monday, November 15 / 2 p.m. ET

Discounted Webinars:

PPG is offering the following selected webinars at a discount this month - each webinar is just $15:

Getting Started with Instagram

Tracey Lee Davis

Feline Foraging: How to Implement, Motivate, and Stage the Difficulty Level

Ingrid Johnson

Brains, Bowls & Bull

Dr. Nick Thompson

Changing Perspectives about Canine Spay and Neuter

Dr. Nancy Kay

The Origins of Excellence

Alexandra Kurland


The PPG Archive holds over 4,000 articles, blogs and videos. Here are some of the most recent additions:

BARKS News September 2021 – PPG

Dogs are more pessimistic if their owners use two or more aversive training methods - Rachel A. Casey, Maria Naj-Oleari, Sarah Campbell, Michael Mendl & Emily J. Blackwell

Anxious Owners, Anxious Dogs? - Patricia McConnell

The enteric nervous system: a second brain - M D Gershon

Born to Choose: The Origins and Value of the Need for Control - Lauren A. Leotti, Sheena S. Iyengar, and Kevin N. Ochsner

First do no harm… - Fran McNicol

Your Dog Has a Brain in His Gut - Patricia McConnell

Effect of a provincial feline onychectomy ban on cat intake and euthanasia in a British Columbia animal shelter system - Alexandre Ellis, Karen van Haaften, Alexandra Protopopova and Emilia Gordon

The Spontaneous Horse - Francesco De Giorgio, José Schoorl

Owners’ Attitudes, Knowledge, and Care Practices: Exploring the Implications for Domestic Cat Behavior and Welfare in the Home - Emma K. Grigg, and Lori R. Kogan

View the complete PPG Archive.

New this month!

Building a Feline Behavior Volunteer Program…from Scratch - Melissa Taylor and Alese Zeman

Tracking Equines - Vicki Conroy

Defying the Stereotype - Dee Goings

My Top 4 Features of Geek Week 2021 – The Sequel - Niki Tudge

Slipping and Sliding - Diane Garrod


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