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PPG Member Pets 

In support of our Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement. 

Here you can find a wonderful assortment of all the great breeds of dogs showing different shapes, sizes and personalities. Proud families of PPG members.   
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Member Pets

89 photo(s) Updated on: Friday, August 11, 2017
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  • Marley was forbidden from playing with other dogs, now he loves it :)
  • Zeus e Mia, he taught me how to listen she how to have lots and lots of patience :)
  • Bodhi, 1 year, 3months, border collie; and Shaylee, 10 1/2 years, English shepherd. My loves💕🐾💕🐾
  • Chili (Red Hot Chili Pepper), 7.5 year-old mixed-breed adopted from the local shelter. She's been sharing her home with Nancy Tucker and family since 2011, and is the face of The Good Enough Dog.
  • Jesse Tudge
  • Jambo Stapleton-Frappell
  • Jambo is a great Ambassador and has his own Facebook page
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