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SCENT & Scentability 

presented by Dr. Robert & Karen  Hewings 

 Scent Work For Practical Training & Behavior Solutions 
Your 12 Session Recorded Package 

Your Scent Work Event

Have you always wanted to learn about Canine Scent Work  but couldn't justify the time or resources for another sport? 

Well Now You Have The Perfect Excuse!

Who is This Program For?

Dog Trainers, Behavior Consultants, shelter/rescue organizations and others who work in the field of Training & Behavior. Professionals looking to add new services, new enhancements and new ways to help manage and resolve training and behavior challenges. Scent Geeks wanting to learn more about scent work and hang around other Scent Geeks for a few days.

 4 General Sessions to get everyone up to scent speed!

  1. Session One: Introduction to The Canine Olfactory System
  2. Session Two: Introduction to Scent & Its many disciplines
  3. Session Three: Teaching Scent Skills, Equipment and Environment
  4. Session Four: Scent Searches, Patterns, Duration, Handling

 8 topics covering how you can incorporate Scent Work into your Training and Behavior business. 

You will have the opportunity to attend all of these sessions over the two days. 

  1. From Reactive to Noseactive: Scent Work for canine reactivity in private consultations
  2. The Nosey Puppy: Scent Work to help promote puppy confidence in puppy classes
  3. The Nose Leads the Way : Scent Work to help promote enriched walks and nice leash skills
  4. Nosing Around: Scent Work to help promote confidence in canines in private consultations
  5. Take Me Out to the Nose Game: Scent Work to help Shelter & Rescue Dogs thrive in their environments
  6. The Old Nose's Still Got It: Scent Work to help build enrichment for Grey Muzzle Dogs
  7. Ring Around the Noseys: Scent Work to build fun group classes
  8. Smell Something, Do Something: Scent Work to help with Service Dogs such as PTSD night tremor detection

Your Scent Work Instructors

Dr Robert Hewings. BSc. MA. D/Prof. (Head of School)

Recently retired after 30 years’ exemplary police service with the Metropolitan Police, his dog handling and dog training experience is underpinned with outstanding academic qualifications. Robs’ seven years doctoral research is set upon using evidence-based practice and humanism within the canine scent detection training environment, discovering ‘There is a better way’. He is the author of the popular book ‘Scent Training for Every Dog’ (Please visit our shop!).

Rob possesses superb evaluation, assessment, presentation and leadership skills and has an ability to encourage learning. He has a high level of dedication and commitment, with a passion and a love for teaching and training these incredibly special dogs and handlers. Rob, and his team will ensure that all dog handlers are trained to the very highest level, enabling these successful programmes to benefit all types of clients.

Karen Caton-Hewings

The UKCSD’s most experienced and operationally proven team member, Karen has recently retired from the Metropolitan Police after 30 years exemplary service. She is an accomplished Specialist Search Dog Trainer with nearly 20 years’ experience working within the explosive search environment here in the UK and abroad. Karen has planned and developed both national and international training exercises. She has organised joint working practices between the Police, Military, Prison service, Ministry of Defence and the Private Security sector. 

Having worked within the Counter-Terrorism area of policing, she has hands on experience of dealing with the aftermath of terror attacks, and as a licensed search dog hander has spent many years protecting, the Royal Family, our government and its property, also high-level security requirements in and around London.

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