Volunteer Committee Chairs

Holden Svirsky & Dayle Pierce -  Shelter & Rescue Division

Paula Garber - Feline Division

Dorothy Heffernan  - Equine Division

Don Hanson -  Advocacy Division

Judy Luther - Canine Division 

Debra Millikan -  Education Division 

Niki Tudge -  Inclusivity Division

Niki Tudge - Assisance Animal Division

BARKS from the Guild & Corporate Sales

Susan Nilson - Editor BARKS from the Guild

Kelly Fahey -  Corporate Sales 

Dr. Pam Shultz - Social Media Coordinator, Editor Pets & Their People

PPG Chapters 

If you live in one of the following areas then please contact your local Chapter

PPG British Isles

PPG Australia

Board of Directors Representatives

Niki Tudge - Executive Director

Debra Millikan - PPG Australia 

Louise Stapleton-Frappell PPG British 

Don Hanson - PPG USA

Connect With Us:
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