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My name is Holly, and I have always had a great connection with and love for animals; born from a life-long involvement with them. I focus in on working with animal behaviour, and the psychological reasons behind it.
I have been working with anxious and aggressive pets for the last eight year; supplying pet-care, and learning to train dogs for approximately five years. I use positive reinforcement methods, along with clicker- training, and have found it works remarkably well with all animals-- but especially rabbits and horses.
I have experience working with Cats, Rabbits, Ginuea Pigs, Wildlife, Goats horses and other farm animal needs.
I love spending time with all animals, and I would be more than happy to housesit, visit or look after your pets while you are away or at work.
I have experience with many breeds of dogs, but my primary experience has been with
• Great Danes
• German shepherds
• Staffordshire
• Bullmastiffs
• Rottweilers
• Maremmas
Smaller breeds
• Terriers
• Whippets
• Hounds.
I have certificates, references and police clearences available upon request.
Feel free to come to check out our prices on our facebook page
I hope to chat soon. 😊
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