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How To Operate and Manage a Safe, Fun & Force-Free Daycare Service with Niki Tudge

  • Thursday, July 24, 2014
  • 12:00 PM
  • Saturday, July 31, 2021
  • 1:30 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


  • A discount for Doggone safe members
  • Join us for this 90 minute webinar on how to operate and manage a safe, fun and force free daycare service
  • Join us for this 90 minute webinar on conflict resolution


Free Member Webinar

Presented by Niki Tudge


If you currently operate a dog daycare business or our thinking of operating a dog daycare business then this webinar is for you.
Join Niki Tudge for this 1.5 hour recorded webinar on the "how To" of opening and running  a safe and fun force-free daycare operation.

  1. Are you interested in expanding your current business by adding on a dog daycare service?
  2. Want to be "that professional" that operates a safe and fun dog daycare facility?
  3. Need help thinking about all the critical moving parts to consider in your dog daycare operation?
  4. Want a refresher on the key operational and safety protocols for your business?

Learning Objectives

In this presentation we discuss 
  • The definition of "dog daycare"
  • The scope of responsibilities for the daycare operator
  • A safe daycare philosophy
  • Client safety and convenience
  • Basic operational procedures
  • Planning for safety
  • Equipment you need
  • Animal skills you need
  • Business skills you need

Your Presenter


Niki is the President and Founder of DogNostics eLearning, The DogSmith®, The Pet Professional Guild and Doggone Safe.  Niki is a passionate educator and in her prior life held many roles where she was responsible for the education and growth of hundreds of senior management professionals across many disciplines. Niki is a certified people trainer, holding credentials from the International Training Board at three levels. Niki is also a certified facilitator through the Acuity Institute and holds numerous other qualifications in pet training and behavior. Niki has a business degree and an MBA through Oxford Brooks University in England 

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