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Learn To Give Clients & Staff Hard News They Will Appreciate Hearing! with Niki Tudge

  • Friday, January 09, 2015
  • 12:00 PM
  • Sunday, January 09, 2022
  • 1:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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with Niki Tudge



Situations where you will need to communicate feedback:

  • A client is consistently tardy to appointments.
  • A client is deliberately not adhering to recommended training protocols or completing homework yet is complaining about not seeing results.
  • An employee works hard during the day, but takes long breaks and lunches leaving the workplace unattended.
  • A family is not pulling together with management activities that are impeding the training plan.

IF you

  1. find it difficult to give constructive feedback to your business associates and clients?
  2. find yourself ignoring situations rather than deal with them.
  3. find that after you have delivered feedback to a client or employee the relationship is more stilted and difficult?

... then this webinar is for you!


Join Niki Tudge for this 60 minute webinar on the correct and productive delivery of Constructive Criticism in a work environment.

 Delivering Constructive Criticism is one of the most challenging things for an of us to do. Through this webinar you will  gain valuable knowledge and skills that will assist you with this challenging task. When you need to give feedback to an employee, contractor or a student it  needs to be handled in a very specific way.

If done correctly constructive criticism will provide great benefits to your organization. It provides the ability for you to nullify problematic behaviors and develop well rounded and productive employees and business relationships with clients that are also students.


Workshop Objectives

  • Understand when feedback should take place
  • Learn how to prepare and plan to deliver constructive criticism
  • Determine the appropriate atmosphere in which it should take place
  • Identify the proper steps to be taken during the session
  • Know how emotions and certain actions can negatively impact the effects of the session
  • Recognize the importance of setting goals and the method used to set them
  • Uncover the best techniques for following up with the individual after the  session

About The Presenter


Niki is the President and Founder of DogNostics eLearning, The DogSmith®, The Pet Professional Guild and Doggone Safe. Niki is a passionate educator and in her prior life held many roles where she was responsible for the education and growth of hundreds of senior management professionals across many disciplines. Niki is a certified people trainer, holding credentials from the International Training Board at three levels. Niki is also a certified facilitator through the Acuity Institute and holds numerous other qualifications in pet training and behavior. Niki has a business degree and an MBA through Oxford Brooks University in England

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