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Learn & Master The Drop on Recall…it’s really just fun and games!!! with Barb Levenson

  • Sunday, March 29, 2015
  • 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 29, 2023
  • 9:30 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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Learn and Master The Drop On Recall…It’s Really Just Fun and Games!!!

presented by Barb Levenson


CPDT 1.5 KPA 1.5 IAABC 1.5 PPAB 1.5 CEUs

Join Barb Levenson for this webinar on Drop on Recall! She will go over how to teach the DOR as a series of games, behaviors and small behavior chains. She will break the DOR into many different fun games and activities. Barb will also give instructors games they can use in their classes.

Webinar Objectives

  • How to teach a fast and fun drop on recall
  • The "SLAP" down and what it does for your drop.
  • Remote down using food and toys
  • Fun drop games for instructors to use in classes

About The Presenters

Earlier in her career Barb realized that many of the problems facing obedience dogs were a result of using compulsion training methods. Working towards perfect canine obedience at a competition level this set Barb on a quest to learn more.

Listening to her own dogs Barb began to look for other methods. Influenced by Ted Turner (from Sea World), Leslie Nelson, Patti Ruzzo, and others, Barb began introducing positive reinforcement methods into her teaching and training as early as 1989. By the time she opened her own training school in 1991, she was using positive reinforcement in her puppy, basic obedience, and Canine Good Citizenship classes, and shortly after in her competition obedience classes. At present she holds classes in a 12,000 square foot facility in Pittsburgh PA.Barb added the sport of agility to her school in 2000 and a couple of years later began teaching the classes herself.

Barb’s approach to both agility and obedience has her marching to a different drummer, in part shaped by her equestrian experience. She believes the best way to develop handling skills is “on the flat” – away from the equipment – and incorporates ideas from the horse world about training dogs on the flat. Barb also believes that a strong foundation in obedience sets the stage for a solid relationship with the dog that is critical to enjoying and succeeding in agility. And that means training and refining the communication – especially body language – between dog and handler. To date she has competed with eight dogs and has titles in obedience (Canadian and American), agility and herding. Barb is a instructor at DogNostics Career College and will be presenting a workshop at the 2015 PPG Convention in Tampa FL.

- Love of the Water
- Ability to Swim
- Basic Foundation Skills
- Developing a positive association with your board and paddle
- The use of targeting to aid in balance
- Training techniques for dry land and water 
- Safety consideration for both you and your dog
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