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Understand How You Can Bring A Feral Pup Into The Pet Home with Yvette Van Veen

  • Monday, April 06, 2015
  • 1:00 PM
  • Wednesday, April 06, 2022
  • 2:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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with Yvette Van Veen


Webinar Overview

In this webinar you will learn what is a feral and roaming dog? Yvette will speak about how all feral dogs are domesticated because species are  domesticated, not individuals.

The webinar will look at what does a feral or roaming dog behave like? What does it look like? How extreme are the variations.
There is a difference between appearance and behaviour. Just because a dog looks like a lab, it doesn't mean it behaves like one. As trainers, we work with behaviour, not so much with appearance.


Webinar Objectives

  • Learn about the individuals and there are patterns that can emerge in specific geographical locations.
  • Feral dogs are very much dogs that have skill sets that allow them to survive in the wild. It's also an area of rescue that has a large proportion of puppies available for adoption, appealing to families looking for that normal family pet.
  • Learn why these puppies may struggle in a class environment where socialization is about letting puppies play and explore. .
  • Learn how to transition the feral/roaming puppies to life with families. 
  • Avoid the pitfalls of failing to see the bigger picture with these amazing dogs.

About The Presenter

Working as an animal behaviour consultant for over a decade, Yvette is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and member of the PPG. She is known for her work as a pet writer, having written for Sun Media (The Londoner), and then as pet writer for the Toronto Star. She is a regular at local schools teaching young children about "asking permission before petting".

The majority of her experience comes from over a decade working with hundreds of feral and roaming dogs. She has shared her life with three such dogs, all of which became model dog ambassadors in the community. Their abilities ranged from helping children in schools, decoy work and therapy programs. In conjunction with ARF Ontario, they developed strategies to increase successful adoption rates. Yvette is also known for her blog, and the graphics at Awesome Dogs Shareables.

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