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Teach Your Dog To Go Back - The Positive Way! Presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell

  • Thursday, August 06, 2015
  • 2:00 PM
  • Sunday, August 06, 2023
  • 3:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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Presented by Louise Stapleton-Frappell



How to Teach Your Dog a Handstand & Go Back - The Positive Way!

Join Louise Stapleton-Frappell for this exciting webinar in which you will learn how to fine-tune your training mechanics while teaching two skills - 'go back' and an assisted handstand!  These are often considered advanced level behaviors but the webinar is suitable for trainers with novice/intermediate skills too.  In fact, this presentation is a 'must-view' for all those wishing to learn more about how to teach their dog any new behavior.

The presentation gives a step by step explanation of the teaching process as well as video demonstrations. Attendees will learn how to teach behaviors that are appropriate for their learner in a fun way but with great attention to detail in order to promote stress-free learning and speedy behavior aquisition!

Webinar Objectives

  • How to teach a handstand - The criteria and the goal behavior!
  • How to teach "Go Back" - No walking into the dog here!
  • How the reinforcement protocol affects the behavior being taught.
  • How to "step into" the "learning cycle".
  • How to make use of environmental props to guide your learner.
  • How to introduce a new cue.
  • How to train in sets.
  • How and when to introduce new criteria.
  • How to set your learner up for success.

About The Presenter

Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A.Hons. PCT-A, CTDI. CAP3. DN-FSG1 CWRI.

Louise is a Partner and Faculty Member of DogNostics Career Center and Board Member of The Pet Professional Guild. Louise has constantly built on her knowledge and furthered her education in the field of force-free, rewards based, science-based pet training. The creator of the DogNostics’ Dog Trainer Certification Programme, Louise has presented at conferences internationally and has gained a reputation for expertly teaching and training humans and canines at her own establishment, The DogSmith of Estepona, in Southern Spain, where she offers a wide range of both group and private classes and pet dog services.

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