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Disaster Preparedness Drills & Safety For Your Dog with Pamela Johnson

  • Sunday, September 27, 2015
  • 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday, September 27, 2023
  • 9:30 PM
  • Recorded Webinar


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Presented by Pamela Johnson

CEUs: PPAB 1.5, IAABC 1.5, CPDT 1.5, PPG 1.5, KPA 1.5

You will learn how to train dogs to do a variety of important life saving behaviors that all dogs should know and practice as well as safety behaviors.

Pamela will take you through a variety of ways to condition your dog to accept wearing a cone and a muzzle, enjoy being handled and even massaged. She explains why it is important to train dogs to enjoy these things and not wait until an emergency happens when the dog is scared and worried because all of a sudden he has to wear a muzzle or a cone. 

Do you or your clients have a difficult time getting dogs to take medication? This webinar will go over a few different ways on how to get your dog to take and enjoy taking his medication, without any struggle. Finally giving your dog medication will be easy and stress free for you and your dog. 

You will also learn what you would need if an emergency or disaster strikes, such as first aid kits and what to put in them, handouts that could help you relocate your dog if they were to go missing and other valuable ideas on how to be prepared for anything. Accidents, emergencies and disasters happen when you least expect it. Are you prepared? Do you know what you would do? Do you have a plan? 

Webinar Objectives



Come when called

Leash Walking

Impulse Control

Safety behaviors:

  • Wearing a muzzle
  • Cone
  • Taking medications 
  • Handling

Preparing for the unexpected:
  • Emergency Plan
  • First Aid Kits
  • Emergency Handouts
  • What to do if you are separated from your dog or pet.
  • What to think about and plan for if you are evacuated with your dog or pet.

About The Presenters

Pamela Johnson is a certified professional dog trainer through the CCPDT and  is a professional member of the APDT and a member of PPG.

Pamela is a clicker dog trainer and educator in San Diego, California. Pamela began her training career when growing up on a small farm where she trained the family dogs, cats, and horses. She learned about clicker training and behavior modification through reading books, attending Clicker Expos/APDT conferences, watching dog training videos and taking numerous classes with her own dogs. Pamela believes it is important to continue learning throughout ones life and she loves finding new ways to train dogs. Pamela started her own business, Pam's Dog Academy in 2007.

To learn more about Pamela click here


- Love of the Water
- Ability to Swim
- Basic Foundation Skills
- Developing a positive association with your board and paddle
- The use of targeting to aid in balance
- Training techniques for dry land and water 
- Safety consideration for both you and your dog
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