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  • A 2-Day Interactive Play Skills Instructor Course with Craig Ogilvie

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A 2-Day Interactive Play Skills Instructor Course with Craig Ogilvie

  • Saturday, October 09, 2021
  • 9:00 AM
  • Sunday, October 10, 2021
  • 4:30 PM
  • The DogSmith Training Center & DogNostics Career Center, Tampa, FL


  • This registration enables you to attend the full two day workshop and learn from Craig Ogilvie across the workshop curriculum.
  • This registration enables you to bring your dog and work directly with Craig Ogilvie

Your  2-Day Interactive Play Skills Instructor Course

with Craig Ogilvie

CEUS: PPAB 12, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending), KPA (pending)

Working Spots & Auditor Spots Available

Workshop Schedule: 

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

 10:30 AM-10:45 AM (refreshments)

12 Noon-1 PM (lunch)

2:30 PM-2:45 PM (refreshments)

Play is a powerful reinforcer and implementing play into your strategic training sessions, client lessons and private sessions is an excellent reinforcement strategy for both dogs and their owners. As a reinforcer, play, encompasses you, the trainer or owner and therefore puts you or your clients at the center of your dog’s world!

During the instructor workshop, Craig will take you on an interactive journey, looking at how you can effectively adjust toy play to the reinforcement preferences of specific dogs that you are working with. You will also learn how to best advise clients to a void and overcome some of the common problems that may occur during play and training sessions.

As a result of using play to build, maintain and modify behaviors your sessions will become fun, exciting and far more appealing to your clients. Craig will show you how you can implement these techniques into your behavioral consultations, training classes and even at home to help further enrich the lives of all dogs and their owners.

Learning these new skills also enables you to introduce your clients to new group sessions or private lessons around the theme of play creating additional revenue streams for your business.

Learn from Craig both the theoretical and practical components of play and how to teach it to others. Become skilled at teaching how to adjust, adapt and implement interactive play as a motivational positive reinforcement strategy for specific work and goals with both dogs and their guardians.

Craig will help you develop the knowledge to support owners in finding the play style that each individual dog finds reinforcing and then helping their guardians to put it into practice.

At this workshop you will learn specifically:

  • How to structure a motivational interactive play development plan
  • Which environmental and behavioral considerations are important?
  • How to avoid over arousal and problematic behaviors during play.
  • How to build motivation and focus during training sessions
  • How to decide on what reinforcers are best suited for individual dogs
  • How to determine when to alternate reinforcement strategies during training sessions
  • How to manage/build/avoid escalating arousal with different reinforcers.

Your workshop Instructor – Craig Ogilvie CCBT

Craig Ogilvie makes you the center of your dog’s world. Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all of Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique accreditation. Craig is the first and only person from the U.K to be licensed to test and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport called Mondioring: which consists of Obedience, Agility and Criminal Apprehension.

Craig is one of the very few experienced and qualified Civilian Police Dog Training Instructors in the U.K, as well as a dog behavior practitioner, seminar leader, author, and public speaker. His passion and study of training, interacting and communicating with dogs led to his discovery of the ‘Interactive Play Experience’ and ‘How to Become the Centre of Your Dog’s World’. Craig has been delivering his systems worldwide via sell out workshops, seminars and online training, helping dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals.

Workshop Location

This event is sponsored and hosted at the DogSmith Training Center & DogNostics Career Center. The facility is a 2000 square foot fully air-conditioned indoor training room on 24 acres, with Kings Lake as a backdrop. RVs are welcome but there is no water or power hookup. The confirmation email gives local accommodation details and directions to the facility. See pictures here 

9122 Kenton Road, Wesley Chapel. FL 33545

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