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Home Alone & Freaked-out Presented by Dr. Jeff Nichol DVM

  • Monday, July 06, 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)
  • Live Webinar


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Separation anxiety is actually more common than many realize. For people who come home to destruction, soiling, or a confined dog with fractured teeth it’s pretty clear what has happened. But surveillance video of home-alone dogs, whose people suspected nothing, showed that 30% of them had clear indicators of distress. Pacing, panting, scanning, freezing, checking windows, failure to eat or drink are just some of the indicators.

Since we cannot teach a dog not to be anxious we must provide a response substitution. Canine-specific management changes and behavior modifications such as desensitization and counterconditioning will remain essential to improvement. But we have treatments, including one that is new and revolutionary, that can set the brains of these highly agitated dogs up for success. Dr. Nichol will share fresh perspectives and helpful strategies.

Learning Objectives:

• Understanding the less understood/easily overlooked signs of separation anxiety, often only noticeable on surveillance video.

• Coexisting behavior disorders. How and why their management will be necessary for optimal results.

• Update on behavior modification and home management

• Species-specific behavioral opportunities that dogs can anticipate in place of dread of being left home alone

• At-home monitoring of improvements

• New perspectives on old medications, newer meds and pulsed electromagnetic field device (PEMF)

• Ignoring unwanted behaviors; reinforcing and motivating a calm emotional state.

About The Presenter

Dr. Jeff Nichol DVM

Jeff Nichol, DVM is a residency trained veterinary behaviorist. After many years of general medicine and surgery his practice is now limited to the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders of the brain that are manifest as behavioral symptoms. He is published in scientific journals and text books.

Dr. Nichol’s speaking experience includes multiple presentations to veterinarians and pet owners. He is the weekly Pet Care columnist for the Albuquerque Journal and the author of three books, “A Lifetime Guide to Practical Pet Care”, “Is My Dog OK?”, and “Is my Cat OK”, published in English and Russian.

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