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  • Treatment Options for Dogs Showing Aggression Due to the Emotion of Fear And/Or Frustration. Presented by Kris Glover

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Treatment Options for Dogs Showing Aggression Due to the Emotion of Fear And/Or Frustration. Presented by Kris Glover

  • Thursday, December 17, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (EST)
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CEUs: PPAB 1.5, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending), KPA (pending)

This talk will discuss the use of desensitisation and counter conditioning along with their associated tools, for reducing a dog’s aggression caused by fear and/or frustration.

Learning Objectives

  • What is desensitisation and when should it be used?
  • What is counter conditioning and when should it be used?
  • What tools can we use to aid our use of desensitising and counter conditioning a dog to something they are fearful of and/or frustrated by.
  • The pros and cons of these tools.
  • The importance of not applying ‘a one size fits all’ approach for behaviour modification.
  • Real life tips for real life walking environments.
  • Case studies, for group discussion.

About Your Presenter


Kris Glover – Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Kris has been employed by Dogs Trust as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist since April 2018. In February 2019 she took on the role of Manager for the Clinical Animal Behaviour team. Previous to her employment with Dogs Trust she was self-employed and ran a private behavioural and training practise based in Berkshire from 2004-2018. 

During her 16 year career in the pet behaviour industry she has seen over 4000 dog behaviour cases, and around 1000 cat behaviour cases. Behaviour problems she has worked with range from separation related issues, sound phobias, people and dog aggression as well as some more unusual cases such as idiopathic overnight bed wetting. 

She very much enjoys working with humans and their pets, and has a special interest in how the relationship between dog and owner influences the success of behavioural rehabilitation programmes. 

Kris has a BA (Hons) degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling, a MSc also in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (accredited through ASAB).

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