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Understanding and Promoting the Self-Regulation of Behavior. Presented by Dr. Kristina Spaulding, PhD, CAAB

  • Wednesday, September 07, 2022
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Live Webinar


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CEUs: PPAB 1, CCPDT (pending), KPA (pending), IAABC (pending)

Are you interested in developing better self-control in dogs? Then this talk is for you! Executive function refers to the mental processes that are involved in the self-regulation of behavior. For example, maintaining focus and avoiding distraction, inhibiting behavior, adjusting behavior for different environments, and working toward a goal.

Obviously, these behaviors are critical for pet, performance, and working dogs alike. This webinar is a review of everything we know about the development of executive function in dogs. You don't want to miss this talk!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define executive function
  • Explain the relationship between executive function attention, emotional regulation, impulse control, stress resilience and behavior issues
  • List the factors that influence executive function in dogs
  • Discuss ways of improving executive function in dogs

About the Presenter

Dr. Kristina Spaulding

Dr. Spaulding has a PhD in biopsychology - the study of the biological basis of behavior - and is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist through the Animal Behavior Society. She specializes in stress and behavior, social cognition and emotion, positive welfare and the prevention and treatment of behavior problems in dogs. In addition to her academic background, she has been in the dog training and behavior profession for 19 years. She currently splits her time between private behavior work and teaching other dog trainers and behavior consultants online and through seminars and conferences.

In addition, Dr. Spaulding is a long-standing member of the APDT Education Committee. She is also a member of the Fear Free Advisory Group and an authorized Speaker for Fear Free. She also chairs a task force for Meeting of the Minds, a coalition of top dog professionals across the country charged with improving the quality of life for our dogs and is a member of the IAABC Foundation Board. Use this link to find out more about her on her website: http://smartdogtrainingandbehavior.com/online-services/

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