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The Future of Separation Anxiety with Malena DeMartini

  • Tuesday, February 28, 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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The Future of Separation Anxiety 

with Malena DeMartini

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Separation anxiety in dogs has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds for a long time, but particularly for the past 18 months. According to several recent polls, about 50% of pet dogs are reported as suffering from some form of separation-related problems.

 In the US alone, that is equivalent to over 44 million pet dogs which is astounding and certainly implies that there is a welfare issue. So what lies in the future for separation anxiety dogs and their loving guardians? Fortunately, separation anxiety has been the #1 most researched and discuss disorder in published studies in the fields of applied animal behavior and veterinary behavior. This tremendous research combined with huge increases in dog professional’s awareness and education has led to a solid foundation for moving into the future of separation anxiety. 

Part of this future includes a huge demand for more qualified professionals from all over the globe who can work in an individualized way with daily behavior plans and support. Separation anxiety clients are geographically diverse, and dog-training consumers are more willing to work virtually and with technology, to deliver higher-quality personalized services. This session will review the direction in which this fascinating training issue is headed, including the effective use of technology that aids the training team for successful resolution of separation anxiety.

This presentation is a refun from Geek Week 2021. Malena will be on hand for questions and answers at the end of the sesssion. 

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    Malena De Martini CTC is renowned in the dog training world for her expertise in canine separation anxiety (SA) issues. She is the author of the book Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs and has contributed articles on separation anxiety to multiple publications internationally. Today, her practice is split between overseeing a team of the top SA trainers in the world and continuing to educate trainers, veterinarians, and dog guardians to better treat SA, in order to help the most dogs and humans possible overcome this agonizing issue. In addition to writing and lecturing, she runs a certification program for accomplished dog professionals looking to hone their SA skills and has also produced an online, self-paced course for dog owners.

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