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Deaf Dogs Unleashed with Tiffany Baker

  • Friday, February 03, 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Deaf Dogs Unleashed  

with Tiffany Baker 

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ntroducing The Control Unleashed (CU) Program, Deaf Dog Style: Deaf Dogs Unleashed! The CU program, developed by Leslie McDevitt, was designed to help dogs learn how to relax and focus in challenging environments, while simultaneously building confidence by giving the learner control through predictable patterns in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

After implementing the CU exercises creatively and effectively with a few different deaf dog clients, it became clear that there was a need for these ideas to be shared. And so Control Unleashed for deaf dogs was born. Training with deaf dogs can sometimes be a challenge; the need for attention and engagement from our dogs is crucial when our dogs rely so heavily on visual cues. There’s also the added difficulty our deaf dogs experience with Sudden Environmental Contrast (SEC), as well as a more pronounced startle response when things appear unexpectedly. When things happen in their environment, unpredictably, and outside of their control, it can create increased anxiety and make it difficult for our pups to relax. What better way to provide our deaf dogs with the support they need to navigate their world than The Control Unleashed program?

Throughout this presentation you will get to experience The Control Unleashed program thoughtfully and creatively customized and purposefully geared towards our beloved deaf dogs. This will include introducing unique visual and tactile cues, combined with predictable patterns to build a beautiful recipe for engagement and confidence. We will be navigating the skills to implement the popular “Look At That'' conversational game for ‘reactive’ dogs, as well as many of the foundational patterns that build voluntary engagement and predictability such as Up-Down, Ping-pong, Give Me A Break, Whiplash U-turn, and 1-2-3. We will also take a look at what real life application of this program looks like for our deaf dogs, and much more.

Whether you are a deaf dog guardian, or a trainer looking to add tools to your toolbox to better assist your clientele, this one’s for you. The purpose of this presentation is to expand the reach of The Control Unleashed program to provide attendees the resources, education, and skills to bring these beneficial life changing patterns and exercises to the deaf dogs of the world. Get ready to open up a new conversation of empowerment with your deaf dog!


Learning Objectives:

  •  An understanding of the basic mechanics of training with a deaf dog including visual markers, forms of praise, and end of session signals such as a hand flash, thumbs up, the “all done” ASL hand wave. 
  • The skills to teach and understanding of these foundational pattern games modified for deaf dogs: Up-down, Ping PongWhiplash U-turn, Give Me A Break, and 1-2-3.

    About Your Presenter

    Tiffany Baker is a certified canine behavior consultant as well as founder and owner of Boss Babe Dog Training, LLC in Dallas, Texas. She has been professionally working with dogs and canine behavioral modification since 2013.

    Tiffany specializes in aggression, fear-based behaviors, anxiety, new animal integration and families with children and dogs. Her training journey began with her own dog, Nadia, otherwise known as Naughty Nadia. Nadia was an anxious mess, and Tiffany quickly realized she was out of her depth. What started as a means to better her dog’s well-being and mend their relationship, quickly grew into a passion for the science of animal behavior. Tiffany began to immerse herself in the animal rescue community and has continued to be involved for many years. She has volunteered with 501c3 rescue organizations and fostered several animals, both felines and canines. Tiffany has also volunteered with many animal shelters across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to further grow her knowledge and experience working with animals and developed her dog training skills as a dog trainer at Petsmart.

    Over the years, Tiffany became a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, received her title as a certified behavior consultant canine (CBCC-KA), and a certified Control Unleashed instructor (CCUI) in 2021. Tiffany is extremely talented in her ability to not only effectively modify behaviors in dogs but also provide tremendous support, compassion and guidance to the Boss Babe pet guardians. She advocates for a positive reinforcement, science-based training style. She believes that these methods are not only the most effective way to teach a dog and handler new behaviors, but it also creates a new and better understanding within the canine human relationship, further strengthening the bond and allowing for growth. With each dog and handler team Tiffany has the pleasure of working with, her dedication and drive to continue learning and developing her skills as a canine behavior consultant grows.

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