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Terrible Teens with Lorna Winter from ZigZag

  • Friday, November 10, 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Terrible Teens 

Presented by Lorna Winter 

CEUs: 1 PPAB , 1 CCPDT , 1 KPA , 1 IAABC & 1 PMCT 

A Webinar Sponsoring The Pet Training Science Alliance 

Join us for this webinar all  about adolescence and puppies turning into adults. We will talk a little about the science behind what is happening physically, as well as what is happening emotionally.

The webinar will provide practical advice on how to guide and coach pups and their owners through this time, with the key things to watch out for to ensure a smooth transition during this critical stage of development that MOST dog owners, aren't even aware exists.

Learning Objectives

  • Puberty and Teenage emotions
  • Family interactions and handling
  • Single event learning
  • Secure attachments
  • Reactivity
  • Concentration & Frustration
  • When to ask for help

    About Your Presenter

    Head of Programme and Co-Founder zigZag Puppy App

    • Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour
    • Chair of CAPBT (COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers)
    • A Director of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter

    Lorna has over 25 years of experience in Marketing and Innovation, 17 of which have been in the petcare space. Lorna is also a fully qualified Dog trainer and Behaviourist (Dip CABT), is currently chair of CAPBT and is a Director of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.

    In the team, Lorna is known as the ‘Dog Guru’ and her speciality is the incredible drive that she has to improve the welfare of all animals, but she focuses this on dogs for us at Zigzag (she’s also a crazy hedgehog lady but don’t tell anyone!).

    Lorna lives with her utterly adorable rescue dog ‘Alvin’ – oh and her husband John.

    Preseners Business 

    Why Zigzag?

    We are puppyhood specialists and don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Puppies comes in all shapes, sizes and temperaments and this is why we create tailored plans by breed, and age, which also align to the unique development windows puppies have where they easily learn vital skills for life. This is what makes our approach seem so intuitive!

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