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Don Hanson & Niki Tudge

Your Advocacy Panel

Holden Svirsky - Shelter & Rescue Committee

Kim Silver - Advocacy Committee

Judy Luther - Canine Committee

Aaron Jones - Inclusivity Committee

Beth  Adelman - Feline Committee

Monique Williams - Equid Committee

Dr. Kristina Spaulding

Dr. Zazie Todd

Dr. Robert Hewings

Dr. Eduardo Fernandez

Dr. Laura Donaldson

Dr. Karolina Westlund

Pat Miller

Kristi Benson

Helen Phillips

Sam Wike

Claire Staines

Linda Michaels

The PPG Advocacy Panel

The PPG  Advocacy Panel was established to further PPG’s mission by supporting the education of pet guardians and professionals.  We believe it is critical that pet guardians are equipped with the tools they need to ask informed questions of professionals prior to hiring them.  It is also important that PPG members understand the best way and means to advocate for our Guiding Principles and topics that impact our Mission, Vision and Values

To effectively reach the largest audience of pet guardians the Advocacy Panel is launching a series of Facebook Live - Expert Panel Discussions. These Facebook Live Discussions will include experts from our panel discussing topical issues important to our members, our audience and our mission. These sessions will also be podcast to reach an even wider audience.  

How Does This Work?

Hopefully, we not only advocate and inform but also have some fun along the way and build some great relationships.  Topics are announced in advance via the PPG website event listings. Sessions will be moderated by Don Hanson and/or Niki Tudge. Conversations will be free flowing giving each panel participant the opportunity to answer key questions and supplement other panelists ‘responses.  

Members and our larger audience can attend the event 1 of 2 ways. You can  login to the event via the Zoom link accessed by registering for the event on the website or you can  catch it live on the PPG Facebook page main feed.


Advocacy Events

  • Advocacy Events

Watch The First Panel - How To Best Advocate for Positive Reinforcement Methods

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