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Become Your Community Dog Bite Prevention Expert

Welcome to Doggone safe

Become Your Community Dog Bite Prevention Expert

Keeping Kids & Dogs Safe

“Doggone Safe is an excellent dog bite prevention program because it teaches children and their parents to read dog body language. This skill is on the front line of prevention. When you understand what the dog is saying, you can better manage the environment to prevent unfortunate situations. Also, teaching children to respect another living being is so very important. Respect for a dog will create a safe environment. Doggone Safe using pictures with easy-to-understand explanations and interactive role-playing help children and parents understand how to respect and respond to a dog. Their support and partnership with other areas of dog bite safety and on line seminars for adults who are in fields of work where they encounter dogs make this a very well-rounded program”.

Kathy Wolff 

 Join Doggone safe Today! 

There are three membership levels. All members start at the Individual level, which provides membership benefits and a directory listing. If you wish to specialize with either a Dog Bite Prevention Educator membership or a Be a Tree Program Presenter membership, just pass the relevant educational criteria.  

Individual members – Join today and gain access to lots of educational resources to use in your educational activities. You can proudly fly the Doggone safe member badge. You can then supplement your membership with one or both of the programs below. Join Today!

Dog Bite Prevention Educator – Gain access to more resources and become your community expert on Dog Bite Prevention. First, you must complete and pass the Dog Bite Prevention Educator Program. As soon as you qualify, let us know, and we can upgrade your membership and include you in our Dog Bite Prevention Educator directory. Learn more about the program here

Be a Tree Presenter – The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar for school-age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and act safely around their dogs and strange dogs. You can access the program here. Let us know as soon as you have the program, and we can supplement your membership with access to additional resources. Learn more about the program here 

Doggone safe Mission Statement

To promote education initiatives for dog bite prevention and increased child safety around dogs. To provide tools and resources to professional dog trainers, behavior consultants and pet care professionals to support dog bite prevention education. 

Doggone safe Mandate


  • Low-cost educational materials for use in schools and by community health departments
  • Educational materials to veterinarians and family physicians for office display
  • Information and resources:
    • on raising puppies and training dogs in ways that do not promote aggression
    • for parents and expectant parents with dogs
    • for professionals who must visit or enter the homes of people with dogs during the course of their job

Dogs are amazing animals. They love us unconditionally. They protect our homes. They find lost children. They fetch the newspaper. They swim. They rest by the fire. They pull sleds in the snow. They predict seizures and sniff out cancer cells. They lead the blind. They hear for the deaf. They comfort the elderly. They leap from helicopters to rescue the drowning. They roll in dead stuff. They chase the cat. They dig up the garden. They die for us in wartime. They sniff out drugs and bombs. They pull wheelchairs. They race agility courses. They steal the remote. They warm our feet and our hearts.

Despite 12,000 years of living with dogs, they remain largely misunderstood by humans. When a dog bites, we interpret it in human terms. In most cases, the bite is normal dog behavior. The dog that bites is not necessarily a mean dog or a bad dog—he is just a dog. To prevent dog bites, we need to understand what motivates the dog to bite and reduce risk by modifying both human and dog behavior.

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