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Membership Fees

  • The Pet Professional Guild membership fees are nonrefundable. Considerable time is spent performing due diligence on membership applications.
  • Upon confirmation of becoming a PPG member, you acknowledge the PPG membership terms. By registering with PPG and creating a PPG account on the website, you represent and warrant that you are lawfully able to enter into contracts on behalf of yourself or the company you represent.
  •  You are responsible for all activities associated with your account, including any invoices or payments.
  • You must take precautions to prevent any unauthorized use of your account. If you feel somebody has access or unauthorized use of your account, please notify us immediately.
  • Please do not provide your account login to any third-party or allow another person to access your account or the membership area of the PPG website.

Program Fees

The Pet Professional Guild program fees for Doggone Safe, Pet Dog Ambassador, and Pet Professional Accreditation Board are nonrefundable.

Webinar Policies

PPG hosts several webinars each month for both members and non-members. All webinars are recorded, and registered attendees can access the recordings within 72 hours of the live events.

When registering for a live event, please keep your confirmation email safe. This email contains a link to a Google Drive folder where you will find your attendance certificate, your CEU form link, and any handouts from the live event. In this folder, we will also place the link to the recording for you.

Webinar recordings are available for purchase on the PPG website as on-demand events within 72 hours after the live events.

Webinar Cancellations

Live Webinars: Refunds are not available for live webinars. If you cancel a webinar registration at least seven (7) days before the live event, you will receive a credit code for the cost of the webinar to use toward a future webinar. Webinar registrations canceled within seven (7) days of the live event are not eligible for credit.  

On-Demand Webinars: Refunds/credits are not available for on-demand webinars. 

Links for Webinar Recordings

If you lose the confirmation email with the link to access a recorded webinar six (6) months or more after purchase, we cannot resend you the email or the recording.

CEU Request Forms

If you are looking for Continued Education Units for a webinar or event you attended, please complete this short form.

If you are an event host looking to have CEUs granted for your event via the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, please click here.

PPG Arranged EVENTS & WORKSHOPS Terms & Conditions

With events and workshops, it may be necessary, for reasons beyond our control, to change the content and timing of the program, the speakers, the date, or the venue at any time prior to the event date. PPG reserves the right to film, record, or photograph any of the delegates and speakers at an event for post-event purposes.

PPG has the right to change or modify the event schedule based on presenter availability and other factors. PPG will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our event obligations caused by events outside our reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”).

A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, non-happening, omission, or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes in particular (without limitation) the following:

Strikes, lockouts, or other industrial action;

  • Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war;
  • Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic, or other natural disaster;
  • Impossibility of the use of railways, shipping, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport;
  • Impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunication networks; and
  • The acts, decrees, legislation, regulations, or restrictions of any government.

Other Event Terms

Photographs, videotapes or digital recordings are taken of attendees at events regularly for, among other things, use in advertising by PPG.

By registering for an event, you acknowledge that all such images (electronic, negatives and positives), together with prints and the copyrights therein, are the property of PPG.

You give PPG, and persons authorized by PPG, your consent, permission, and authorization, without compensation to you, to use, reproduce and alter the images, in print or electronic format (including on the internet), either alone or in combination with other images, text and graphics.

You waive your right to approve the finished photograph, advertising copy, print material or electronic files that may be used in conjunction with the images. You represent that you are at least 18 years of age and acknowledge that the rights granted in this paragraph are irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual, and are binding on your heirs, successors, and assigns. See below for more information on refunds for events that we package to include room and food.

Pet Policies

If in attendance at a PPG event, pets should be dressed in appropriate equipment, according to our Guiding Principles, and have access to water at all times.
We recognize that events are not always the best place for our dogs. Please understand if you bring your dog to a PPG event, the expectation is that you will remove your dog from the environment if:

  • Your dog shows signs of stress, fear, or anxiety.
  • Your dog is noisy and the noise impacts the presenter’s ability to be heard and/or the audience’s ability to fully understand the event proceedings.
  • Your dog is showing signs of posing any threat or danger to other event attendees or their dogs.
  • We strongly advise against bringing in-season female dogs to in-person canine events. However, if you choose to bring your dog with you and your dog’s presence is a distraction to other dogs or people, then event management reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog from the function space.

We appreciate your cooperation in supporting the well-being of all people and pets present.

Payment Terms

  • The Pet Professional Guild may offer interest-free payment terms on any of its virtual or in-person workshops and events to make them more accessible for pet industry professionals and pet owners.
  • When you register for any workshop or live event, you have the choice to ask for payments of the total amount due at the point of registration.
  • If you request payments, then you may be asked to complete a PayPal subscription, or we will set up monthly invoices. This will then ensure that each month we receive the agreed upon monthly amount. It is your responsibility to ensure the invoices are paid on time.

Please Note:

  • Planning events is a financial risk for the organizer. There are fixed costs incurred and forecasted attendee numbers must be met to offset these expenses.
  • If you have been granted the option to pay for your event registration over several months and you fall behind in the payments, then the following policy will be implemented.
  • Working Spots: Your registration will be moved to an auditor spot, if there is room, and your working spot will be issued to somebody on the wait list.
  • Auditor Spots: Your registration will be canceled, and the event cancellation terms will be implemented.
  • Onsite access to events will only be granted for those registrants who are fully paid. We cannot take payment at the event.
  • PPG reserves the right to create, announce, and market packages and discount programs for all its events, at any time during the event planning process, as deemed necessary by the marketplace.
  • Discount packages may be used but cannot be applied retroactively or combined with another discount or special offer.
  • Please note that for large events, where we finance rooms and food & beverage options, PPG signs a contract with the hosting hotel to access discounted room rates and meal packages.  See below details for Room & Food package refunds.

PPG Event Financing Policy

  • Registrants will pay a deposit at the point of registration equal to one month of the financing charge.
  • Registrants are responsible for the full amount of the event whether they pay in whole or request the payment option.
  • If there is default in making any monthly payment, the registrant will have 7 days to rectify the required monthly payment. If the missed payment is not rectified, then PPG will cancel the registration and attempt to resell the spot.
  • Financing is on a first come first served basis.

Room & Food Packages

With large events, PPG may package hotel rooms and meal plans together. When we create these packages, PPG is required to pay the hotel a series of deposits, in advance, for the rooms and food. In doing this, PPG enables attendees to purchase event packages at lower rates and to make payments over several months. PPG does not markup rooms and food packaged into events, so the money we collect from you goes directly to the hotel. Because of the refund policy we sign with the hotel, we must enforce our refund policy with attendees who purchase these plans.

Room and Food Package Refunds

If you purchase a package that includes your hotel room and/or a food & beverage plan, then there is no refund for the hotel and food components of the event. PPG must make advance and full payment to the hotel on guaranteed numbers to provide our members access to competitive room rates and meal package financing. If you need to cancel your room and/or food package, we can help you sell your package to another participant with no guarantees.  If you do not wish to sign the cancellation and refund policy for room and food packages, then we suggest that you just purchase an event ticket and contact the hotel directly.  See the event ticket refund policy below.

Event Ticket Refund Policy:

  • If PPG cancels an event due to unusual circumstances, we will fully refund all monies paid or transfer your registration to the new dates based on your decision. New event dates are secured, and registrations are transferred over unless otherwise indicated.
  • If an attendee cancels an event, then the refund policy below will be activated:
  • Prior to 8 months of the scheduled event, cancellations are eligible for a refund less a $50.00 administration fee.
  • Within 8 months of the scheduled event, a full refund, less a $50.00 administration fee, will apply.
  • Within 5 months of the event, 50% of the payment will be refunded.
  • Within 3 months of the event, no refund can be made unless there is a waiting list for the registrant’s place. If there is a waiting list, a full refund, less a $50.00 administration fee, will be applied once the replacement attendee has paid for their entrance ticket in full. The waiting list is for the event attendance only and does not include any room and/or food packages purchased.

*PPG will assist you in selling your ticket if your refund falls within the 5-month window*

Virtual Events

  • All payment terms and conditions apply for virtual events.
  • Virtual events can be cancelled up to 7 days before the event with no penalty and a full refund will be issued.
  • Within 30 days, a full refund, less a $20.00 administration fee will apply.
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