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A Credentialing Program for Pet Dogs and Their Guardians

Welcome to the Pet Dog Ambassador Program!

Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a program for pet dog guardians to learn and grow together using positive reinforcement protocols.

Unlike formal obedience and many dog sports, pet dogs and their guardians have not gotten the recognition they deserve for the hours of training dedicated to making their shared lives enjoyable for all family members—until now.

At the Pet Professional Guild, we firmly believe that pet dogs and their people also deserve training accolades.

PDA provides a structured and fun way for you to show your fabulous training and your dog’s skills. The PDA program recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training and aims to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities, and knowledge throughout their pet’s life.

Five Skill Training Levels

The program consists of five training levels, each with its own set of skills, criteria and assessments. The levels build on each other, often covering the same skills but to a higher level of complexity and proficiency. The starting level is dependent on the age of your dog, with Level 1 being for puppies 4 to 9 months of age and Level 2 being for any dog over 6 months.

Attention Pet Professionals!

The PDA program is a dog training business in a box. As soon as you start the program, you get access to curriculums and marketing tools for all five levels of skill training that you can add to your business. Join the program today and enjoy these benefits!

Pet Dog Guardians!

  • Improve your relationship with your dog.
  • Gain a better understanding of positive reinforcement-based dog training and its applications to everyday living.
  • Improve your skills as a socially responsible pet guardian.
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of local laws within your local community.
  • Equip you and your dog with the skills to be out in broader community settings such as cafes and other outdoor eating areas, off-leash areas, busy streets, and beaches.
  • Demonstrate to the public the many advantages of having a well-trained dog.

Review the PDA Program Guides and Assessment Markers

Pet Guardians’ Guide

Instructor/Assessor Guide

Assessment Markers Booklet

Enjoy These Videos Demonstrating Skills at Levels 1 – 3

Level 1 Skills

Level 2 Skills

Level 3 Skills

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