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A Credentialing Program for Pet Dogs and Their Guardians


We are excited that you have chosen to start this incredible journey with your dog!

Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a program for pet dog guardians to learn and grow together using positive reinforcement protocols.

Unlike formal obedience and many dog sports, pet dogs and their guardians have not gotten the recognition they deserve for the hours of training dedicated to making their shared lives enjoyable for all family members—until now. 

At the Pet Professional Guild, we firmly believe that pet dogs and their people also deserve training accolades.

PDA provides a structured and fun way for you to show your fabulous training and your dog’s skills. The PDA program recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training and aims to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities, and knowledge throughout their pet’s life.

Let’s Get Started

  1. The PDA program consists of five levels. At each level you will cover a set of skills and then be assessed on those skills. The levels build on each other, often covering the same skills but to a higher level of proficiency and difficulty. You will start on either Level 1 or Level 2. Your starting level is dependent on the age of your dog.
    • Level 1 is for puppies between 4 and 9 months of age.
    • Level 2 is for dogs 6 months and older.
  2. After registering, you will receive an email with all the information you need to progress through your first level.
  3. If you register more than one dog, you will be invoiced separately for each dog enrolled in the program.
  4. Check the directory for a PDA Instructor or Assessor in your area. Long-distance assessment is available. You may request a long-distance assessor after your registration is confirmed.
  5. If you are a special needs candidate, modifications may be made to the skill assessment to accommodate you. Please complete a modification form after your registration is confirmed.

PDA Pet Guardian Level 1 Applicant


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PDA Pet Guardian Level 2 Applicant


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Choose the level applicable to the dog you are registering (Level 1 for puppies between 4 and 9 months of age; Level 2 for dogs 6 months and older), then click Sign Up.

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