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Winter Hiking Tips for You and Your Dog

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you and your dog need to stay inside. A dog needs both physical and mental daily exercise. Hiking with your dog in the winter can be a lot of fun. But, before you walk out the front door with your dog in tow, you and your dog need to be prepared for your winter hike. Below are some suggestions to get you and your dog ready for your Arctic adventure. Physical Abilities– Before setting up to climb Mount Everest, you want to truly… Continued

Road Trip with Your Dog | Dog Travel Tips

Hitting the open road with a dog can be a great adventure. There are so many great dog-friendly destinations you can explore, but traveling with dogs can be a challenge if you aren’t prepared. To get you and Fido ready for your next vacation with your dog, I have 5 of my best dog-friendly travel tips. 5 Dog-Friendly Road-Trip Tips 1. Plan Ahead– When taking a road trip with a dog, it’s always easier if you plan ahead. You don’t have to have everything set in stone, but researching your… Continued

What To Do If You Find a Lost Pet

What To Do If You Find a Lost Dog or Cat Have you ever been out and about and found a lost dog or cat? I’m sure if you have, your heart started to race thinking about how you would feel if your pet was lost. I just can’t imagine what I would do if Dexter the dog got out of the house and was missing. My heart would break and I know I would be beside myself. So, what do you do if you find a lost dog or… Continued

How to Stop a Dog From Digging

Why do dogs dig? One of the questions I get a lot from my dog training clients is how to stop a dog from digging. This may be followed up with asking me why dogs dig in the first place. As with any dog behavior question, the answer can be summed up in two words, “it depends.” I know, probably not the answer you had hoped for, but don’t worry, I will discuss the top five reasons why a dog digs and offer you some solutions to get a dog… Continued

Real Food for Your Cat

It’s food, folks. It doesn’t have to be “people food,” it’s REAL food. I’m not sure how people got into this people vs. pet food mindset. When feeding our beloved pets, including our cats, for optimal health and behavior, a fresh, wholesome diet can be a good alternative. That said, it is crucial to balance a cat’s diet and provide the correct proportions of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. But it’s not that hard, once you get the hang of it. Today I will teach you the basics about preparing a home-cooked… Continued

Bringing a New Cat into Your Dog’s Home. Should You?

If you are a dog person, you may be a cat person too! The allure of the feline purr and silliness of a kitty may be too much to pass up. But, will your dog feel the same way? My wish is that dog guardians really take a good look at their dog’s behavior and lifestyle before making this decision. Adding any pet to your home isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Your dream of harmony may just turn into chaos if your dog is not ready or a… Continued

Teaching Your Dog Eye Contact

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I sure wish my dog would focus on me and not x.” Well, this is something you can certainly start to tackle by teaching your dog a reliable “Watch” behavior. Imagine, how nice it would be if a squirrel ran down the tree and you said, “watch” and your dog happily gazed into your eyes instead of barking or chasing the squirrel. It can be done, and I’m going to teach you the foundation skills on how to do it. But, first,… Continued

Teaching Your Dog to Eliminate on Cue

Teaching your dog how to eliminate on cue (when asked) can be very helpful. I often think back to my service dog training days when discussing the benefits of a dog knowing how to poop on cue. For example, you may know that you are going on a 12-hour car ride and going potty now will help prevent an unnecessary pit stop in 30 minutes because your dog has to go. Or, you know a thunderstorm is going to roll in and taking that poop break will help ensure he doesn’t… Continued

Why Do Dogs Eat Toilet Paper and Paper Products?

I am often asked why dogs eat toilet paper.  I would estimate that in every group dog training class I teach, it’s asked at least once during the course. And during that inquiry, more than one person’s dog eats toilet paper or paper towels, paper, paper plates, you get the picture. So, just why do dogs eat paper products? At this point, I’m not sure there is one definitive answer, but I believe there are many reasons. Here are my top 5 reasons why a dog might enjoy a roll… Continued

Stress-Free Dog Brushing

Brushing your dog on a daily basis has many benefits.   Grooming or brushing your dog is more than just keeping his appearance spiffy. Brushing your dog’s coat every day not only keeps it free of debris but free of mats that can pinch your dog’s skin and cause infections. Daily brushing can also be a time to bond and check your dog over for lumps and bumps. Brushing your dog on a regular basis can be used as a training opportunity to help teach your dog to enjoy handling… Continued

One of the Most Important Things to Teach Your New Puppy

By now, your new puppy is adjusting well to his new family. You probably already have started him in a good, positive puppy training class. After all, you have heard time and time again, that you should be socializing your puppy. Puppy socialization is a process in which you gradually introduce your puppy to a variety of people, places and things in the early stages of their lives. The opportunity for making the best impact on your puppy’s socialization is between 3 weeks and 4 months of age and continues until your… Continued

Five Ways to Survive the Holidays with your Dog

‘Tis the season of family, laughter, fun and joy.   Gift giving, good eating, and relaxing are just a few of the things we look forward to during the holidays.   But, along with the holiday spirit, also comes a little stress and chaos. This stress and chaos not only affects us humans but our canine companions as well. To help you and your dog during this time, we’ll take a look at five of my favorite ways to help give you and your dog a little break from the… Continued

Keeping Thanksgiving Fun and Safe for Your Dog

Thanksgiving can be such a special day, full of family, friends, and if you’re like me, the family dog. It is a day to show gratitude for everything you have. For many, it’s a time for large family gatherings, football, excitement, and loads of good food. Thanksgiving can also be a time of stress and short fuses. Generosity and sharing tend to be a common theme during the Thanksgiving holiday, which can mean your guests may be tossing food to the family dog. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of… Continued

Will Your Halloween Be Fun or Scary?

Halloween can be a fun time for the entire family, including the family dog, or it can be a scary, and sometimes even a dangerous situation. Think about it for a moment from your dog’s perspective. Loud, screaming, running monsters, rushing up to the door, ringing the doorbell, screaming and running off. Whew, just that one sentence made me edgy. Now, put that scenario into play for two hours. Deciding if a dog will join the Halloween festivities needs to be a decision carefully thought through. Will the family dog… Continued

How Safe Is It for Your Dog to Jump off Furniture?

As a dog Mom and professional dog trainer, dog safety is always on my mind. It seems every year, I start to question things I’ve done in the past, as to whether or not it is safe. My current dog, Dexter, is a small breed dog. Ok, so he’s double the breed standard, but still is only 27 pounds.   He’s my first small breed dog.   He’s also the first dog I’ve cared for that was allowed full access to furniture. But let’s back up a few more years. Before Dexter,… Continued