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Ask the Experts: Optimizing Your Website

By Veronica Boutelle

© Can Stock Photo/adogslifephoto

If people are finding your site but not reaching out once they do, you’ve got either a messaging problem or a usability issue. Studies suggest that people take two to three seconds to decide whether to stay on any given site they land on. Two to three seconds! That’s not a lot of time to convince someone they’re in the right place. So if someone can’t at a glance learn what you do and how it will make their lives better, you may well lose them. Take a look at your site to see if you’re getting your message across fast. Most dog pro sites I see fail in this regard. If you survive the initial two to three seconds, the average time you get to make your case is two to three minutes. Again, not much. So your site has to be easy to use. A visitor shouldn’t have to work hard to gather the basic info needed to make a decision. Read more.

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