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BARKS Podcast with Claire Staines of Lothlorien Dog Services: January 22, 2021

Join Niki Tudge as she Chats and Chuckles with Claire Staines of Lothlorien Dog Services in Linlithgow, Scotland, UK about all things UK dog training and behavior. 

Listen to Podcast here on a choice of platforms. Or simply click ‘Play’ below.


Claire Staines Lothlorien Dog ServicesClaire Staines is an accredited professional canine trainer, a Victoria Stilwell professional dog trainer, and a mentor and faculty advisor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy.

She is owned and educated by her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, is an avid lover of the breed, and assists in behavior modification for Ridgebacks that find themselves in rescue. Because of the breed’s sensitivity, her skills at low stress training are key.

Staines has been training professionally for over 15 years and is based in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. She is the head trainer at Lothlorien Dog Services where she heads up her team of trainers. She has a great love of the mechanics of training, nailing it down to a fine art, and is skilled at building behaviors. She is also a huge believer in empowering the learner and her mantra is “the dog is the expert,” i.e. examining how behavior works from the dog’s perspective.

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