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Chat & Chuckle with Sandra Grossmann of The Feline Consultant

Join PPG Feline Division Chair Laura Cassiday and Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison, also with the PPG Feline Division, as they chat and chuckle with Sandra Grossmann of The Feline Consultant about feline nutrition and feeding cats.

Listen to the Podcast here on a choice of platforms. Or simply click the ‘Play’ button below.

Recorded on November 18, 2022.


Sandra Grossmann is a certified feline training and behavior specialist (CFTBS) through the Animal Behavior Institute and a Cat-Friendly certified veterinary assistant.

Prior to working as a feline behavior and nutrition consultant, she worked in the commercial pet food industry, holding a bachelor’s degree in food science from Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany, and a certification in companion animal nutrition from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

In 2019, she decided to leave her corporate career behind and pursue her dream of running her own business. While volunteering at local shelters, she quickly recognized that cats in shelters were treated as second-class citizens, receiving less medical care, enrichment and attention. The limited understanding of cat body language and needs among shelter staff triggered her interest.

To date, Sandra has gained plenty of experience counseling pet parents and deferring cats from being surrendered to shelters. In 2021, she launched The Feline Consultant, a consulting service specializing in feline nutrition and behavior. In November 2022, Sandra started working as a lifesaving care specialist for Best Friends at the cat sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

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