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Empowering Dogs and Humans to Have a Deeper, More Connected Relationship – One Harness at a Time

By Joan Hunter Mayer of PPG corporate partner Transpaw Gear®

© TransPaw Gear®

At TransPaw Gear®, our goal to help move society forward into a mutually respectful space between dogs and humans – thereby creating a pawsitive cultural shift. Walking together is one of the most basic activities dogs and the people who love them do together, so we set out to create pet harnesses that ensure an easy, enjoyable, walking experience. More importantly though, we are on a mission to empower dogs and humans to have a deeper, more connected relationship – one harness at a time.

As a professional canine behavior consultant and owner of a successful dog training business, I have seen the unfortunate consequences of many traditional pet harnesses that are made from flimsy materials that chafe and irritate the animal, have too many straps and bulky clips leading to poor fit, and only have one location to attach a leash, limiting walking options. And is there a dog trainer out there who hasn’t struggled with dog harnesses that are incredibly confusing to put on and take off?

© TransPaw Gear®

Worse than that, these common frustrations may even lead well-meaning pet guardians to look for “quicker,” “easier” solutions to modify their dogs’ behavior on walks. And we all know how that can turn out. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (n.d.) warns that punishment-based “training collars” (e.g., choke chains, electronic and pinch collars, etc.), can lead to a variety of adverse outcomes, including “inhibiting learning, increasing fear, and/or stimulating aggressive events.”

Therefore, the social mission of TransPaw Gear® is to educate our customers, dog lovers and pet professionals on the importance of using humane, force-free products (like pet harnesses), and techniques when interacting with canines. By offering high-quality pet harnesses that are designed and built on the foundation of our force-free philosophy, we empower dog guardians to make better choices, enhancing the bond they share with their dogs.

But, how can a harness do all that? Over the course of a decade, I watched and listened to my dog training clients and even my own dogs’ needs. The ideal harness would be comfortable for pets, help to minimize pulling, be easy to adjust for a custom fit, be easy to take on and off, definitely be escape-proof, be designed for freedom of movement (running, walking or dog sports), have multiple attachment points for the leash and be water-friendly- so dogs can be dogs! Oh, and also, we wanted a no-frills design that still looked good. The result is the TransPaw Gear® Happy Harness, our uniquely designed, patent-pending, multi-functional best dog harness for walking that promotes the welfare and safety of dogs. I threw my heart and soul into the creation of the harness and strive to continue to operate with the same values, integrity, and inspiration every day. My goal is for people to love their Happy Harnesses almost as much as they love their dogs!

Joan Hunter Mayer, founder of Transpaw Gear © TransPaw Gear®

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About TransPaw Gear®
TransPaw Gear® remains a small but mighty operation built on transparency and compassion. Most importantly though, we are always keeping an eye on the mission of bringing dogs and humans together. For instance, walking and adventuring are beneficial to the dog-human bond. So, I am hoping that this product will encourage people to unleash adventures and harness fun, from the dog’s point of view. With the combination of quality force-free equipment and excellent training skills, more people can confidently explore dog-friendly places in their towns and neighborhoods and participate in activities that are mutually enjoyable and relationship-enhancing. Here’s to all of you who are harnessing the power and beauty of the dog-human bond!

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