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From Zero to Hero

By Ariel Baber

© Ariel Baber

A lot of people may get annoyed when a dog wakes them up, particularly if they are woken up by him pawing at their chest and licking their face. To be honest, I’m no different. I had no idea that night why Halligan (whose registered name is Zero to Hero) was insisting I get up when he normally sleeps as long as I do. Nevertheless, I begrudgingly got up and began our normal routine of feeding him first, then checking my blood sugar and eating breakfast. It wasn’t until Halligan was refusing to eat or stop pawing at me that I realized something was wrong. I checked my blood sugar. The glucometer read 54. Dialing a nearby friend (I was home alone) and pouring some orange juice, I knew that Halligan had just saved my life. Read article

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