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How to Start A Dog Grooming Career

By Karen, Canine Studies Tutor at Animal Courses Direct, a PPG Corporate Partner

Dog grooming
Professional dog groomers need to know how to read a dog’s body language so that they can tell how the dog feels about what is happening to them, which keeps both them and the dog safe © Canva

Dog grooming can be a wonderful, pleasant experience both for the dog and the groomer. It provides so many benefits and can help create wonderful bonds between man and man’s best friend!

Dog grooming covers a variety of activities – bathing, brushing, fur trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, checking eyes and teeth and anal glands. So, a career as a dog groomer involves a large amount of job variety day-to-day.

Many breeds of dog are just fine just being brushed at home, however other breeds require intensive maintenance to stay looking good – and this is the reason we have dog groomers!

What Does a Professional Dog Groomer Do?

Professional dog groomers provide services to ensure your dog is healthy and comfortable. All professional dog groomers need to know how to use a whole range of grooming tools. They need to know how to read a dog’s body language so that they can tell how the dog feels about what is happening to them, which keeps them and the dog safe. They need to understand about anatomy and health, canine psychology and animal first aid, as they are responsible for the dogs in their care.

In fact, groomers are often the first people to highlight potential health issues in dogs. All dog groomers end up loving their job! Most find it fulfils their need to work with dogs in a way that benefits both dog and owner in an immediate, obvious way. Some dog groomers also offer additional services, such as doggy spas, hydrotherapy, massage, teeth cleaning and even hosting dog parties.

Dog Grooming as a Career

In this unpredictable economic climate, many people are looking to acquire alternative skills, just in case something unforeseen happens. Despite the uncertainty, we are finding that the demand for dog groomers is increasing. If you are thinking of changing careers and working with dogs, then this could be the job for you. It’s a job that can be done full time or part time, you can work for someone else or you can run your own business.

If you choose to run your own business, then you could have a salon or work from home or be mobile and go to owners’ homes – as jobs go it is very flexible and very rewarding. Some dog groomers also occasionally volunteer at rescue centres, offering their time to bathe and clip neglected, matted, unwanted dogs, helping them feel better, look more presentable and giving them some important bonding time with a person.

How Do I Become a Dog Groomer?

The dog grooming industry is currently unregulated, but most owners want to choose a well-qualified and reputable groomer who belongs to a professional body or who comes well recommended by friends or family. If you think this is the perfect career for you, then our Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming course will teach you everything you need to know, including business skills to help you start your own dog grooming business.

This course can be done at your own pace, and involves an optional two-week practical session, working with a professional groomer to gain hands-on experience. Practical training is essential, especially if you have not had that much experience with dogs before.

For more information on all our courses, visit the Animal Courses Direct website for everything you need to get started on your career with animals.

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