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September 19, 2018: Pet Professional Guild Celebrates Shock-Free Coalition with Photo/Video Competition Showcasing Force-Free Training

By Pet Professional Guild

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG) has marked November 17, 2018 as the International Day of Advocacy to celebrate the first anniversary of the official launch of its international advocacy initiative, the Shock-Free Coalition. The focal point of the celebration will be Let’s Celebrate +R, a photo and video competition where pet professionals and enthusiasts can showcase the best of positive reinforcement-based pet training and education. Let’s Celebrate +R will run from seven days prior to seven days post November 17. Entry will be via both PPG’s North America/International and Europe websites with prizes issued to the winners selected from submissions to both sites. To participate in the International Day of Advocacy 2018, competition entrants have to take a photo and/or make a short video and submit it to one of the Let’s Celebrate +R competition categories. Read press release.

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