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Call to Action! Please Speak Out Against Abusive Dog Training Methods

It is extremely unusual for PPG to name individuals we disagree with. Normally, we speak to methods, philosophy and approach using facts.


Augusto DeOliveira (aka “the Dog Daddy”) is not training pets—he is inflicting pain and fear. This is not dog training; this is abuse. Some of the abusive practices the Dog Daddy exhibits in his videos are:

  • Hanging – the dog is raised off the floor by his collar or a leash.
  • Swinging – the dog is swung around with his feet off the floor by his collar or leash.
  • Slamming – the dog is lifted up and slammed into the floor or wall.

Since its inception, PPG’s mission has been to combat cruel and abusive dog training methods like those used by the Dog Daddy, while simultaneously promoting its Guiding Principles and membership community.

“As part of that mission, the Pet Professional Guild respectfully submits that showcasing training methods that use force, fear or pain is morally and ethically wrong, as well as damaging to the animal and the human-animal bond, and potentially creates hazards for the pet-owning public that may attempt to use such methods. Showcasing such methods risks creating significant danger for both animals and humans and perpetuates training methods which science does not support as effective and which the Pet Professional Guild deems to be the unethical treatment of animals.” 

The above quote is from PPG’s position statement, “Showcasing Training Methods That Use Force, Fear or Pain.” Read the full position statement here. This is just one of multiple position statements PPG has published on abusive dog training for the positive-reinforcement community to support their advocacy efforts.

*** Take Action ***

Please speak out against abusive dog training methods like the Dog Daddy’s by posting on social media in a professional, respectful and factual manner, and by sharing links to the PPG position statements to support your message about humane, ethical training.

Thank you!

Zak George is leading the effort to peacefully protest the Dog Daddy’s public meetups. Click here to follow Zak George on Facebook.