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Chat & Chuckle with Hanna Fushihara of Nosework Cats

Chat & Chuckle with Hanna Fushihara of Nosework Cats

Join PPG Feline Division Chair Laura Cassiday and Melissa Taylor as they chat and chuckle with Hanna Fushihara about nosework for cats! (Yes, you read that right!) 

Hanna runs Nosework Cats as well as Hot Fuzz Dog Training from her home in New York State. She has been training dogs for more than 10 years and began teaching canine nosework in 2018. She reached the NW3-Elite title level competing with her pit bull, Derek, before he passed away. Hanna started developing her own ideas on how to play nosework with her cats in the spring of 2020 during the start of the pandemic, making adjustments to how she played nosework with dogs so that her cats would find the activity fun, challenging and motivating. She’s been adding her imaginative, artful skills and humor to the mix with her online Nosework Cats class to make it unique and her own. 

Enjoy listening as Laura, Melissa and Hanna share their expertise in a fun, free-flowing format!

Listen to the podcast on a choice of platforms here. Or simply click on the “play” button below.

Recorded March 17, 2023