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Chat & Chuckle with Katlyn Grayson About Making Modifications for Cats With Mobility Issues

Cats with limited mobility need an environment that accommodates their need. Join Laura Cassiday and Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison as they chat and chuckle with Katlyn Grayson about making modifications for cats with mobility issues.

Katlyn Grayson is a Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP), Licensed Family Dog Mediator (LFDM), CertifiedProfessional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (CCBC). She is the owner of Pets Knead Peace in Northeast Ohio providing in-person and virtual behavior assistance for dogs, cats and their guardians. 

She began her behavior journey when she started working in animal shelters in 2009. Since then, she has filled a variety of roles at shelters, but her favorite are behavior-centric positions. Katlyn has been training professionally since 2019 and started her training and behavior consulting business in 2021. She specializes in animals withspecial needs, including mobility limitations; cat and dog introductions; shelter behavior work, which includes adjustment to a home post adoption; and cat and dog behavior modification.

Katlyn loves teaching others about cat and dog body language as well as small modifications we can make to improve the lives of our pets. However, her ultimate goal is to improve the relationship people have with their pets through a better understanding of their pet’s body language and needs.

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Recorded April 19, 2024