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Chat & Chuckle with T Hamboyan Harrison About Strategies for Handling Fearful Cats

Join Laura Cassiday and Joanna Wachowiak-Finlaison as they chat and chuckle with T. Hamboyan Harrison of A Cat’s Purrspective about strategies for handling fearful cats.

T Hamboyan Harrison is a cat behavior consultant at A Cat’s Purrspective, LLC. As a disabled person, T especially enjoys helping cats with chronic medical conditions. T has spent over a decade volunteering with cats in local rescues and shelters, and has several cats of their own at home. T has certifications through IAABC (CCBC, ACSB-C) and Fear Free Pets (FFCP, animal trainer) and is an active participant in online cat behavior conferences. T also serves on the board of directors of Diabetic Cats in Need, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping diabetic cats and their caregivers. T completed UVM’s Companion Animal End-of-Life Doula Certificate Program in February 2023, and is now offering cat end-of-life doula services. T is also passionate about human rights, fighting invasive plants, and character-driven video games.

Enjoy listening as Laura, Joanna, and T share their expertise in a fun, free-flowing format!

Listen to the podcast on a choice of platforms here. Or simply click on the “play” button below.

Recorded November 10, 2023