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Industry News: Update on the U.K. “American XL Bully” Ban

The following update is from Cooper & Co. Solicitors, which specializes in criminal and civil cases involving dogs in England and Wales:

The ban is being introduced in stages. The first thing to know is that you should STOP any plans you may have for breeding from an XL Bully, as by the time the puppies are born it will be illegal to sell the puppies (or even give them away).

DEFRA has published what it says is the “Official definition of an XL Bully dog” and it summarizes what they regard as the main features:

DEFRA has also published a document called “Prepare for the ban on XL Bull dogs”:

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As stated in PPG’s position statement on breed specific legislation, “PPG holds that Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) such as this paints an unjust picture of certain breeds of dogs and punishes responsible dog guardians unnecessarily. PPG considers BSL to be ineffective in dog bite prevention and the safety of the public at large, and opposes any law or regulation that discriminates against dogs based purely on breed or appearance. Rather than approach the issues of dog bite prevention and public safety via such unsatisfactory means, PPG is of the opinion that educating pet industry professionals, pet dog guardians, and the general public in canine cognition, communication, and the use of science-based, force-free pet care and training methods are by far the most effective means of reducing dog bites and ensuring greater public safety.” Read PPG’s full position statement here.